Meet Tucker: Mini Chocolate Sable Habibi Bear

Hi Julie,

I wanted to write and let you know how fun it has been getting to know Tucker and what a joy he is to all of us! He is incredibly loving, smart, engaging, curious, eager to learn, and loves being social and active. He is such a delight.

Everywhere we go people comment first on how cute he is and then without fail they always mention how great his personality is. He is very gental but confident with the other dogs he interacts with and he is usually found running around the room with all the other dogs chasing him.

I am constantly asked where I got him, what mix he is, how old he is, his name, if they can pet him..etc. Wow we get a lot of attention. We are in puppy kindergarten and it is hard to train him because both kids and adults come up in the middle of class and want to hold and pet him!

He is doing so well. He knows sit, down, come, off, and dance. We are working on roll over, stay, cops, bang, and leash training. He knows to ring the bell to go outside and he knows that that is where he is supposed to potty. He is crate trained now and he goes there to hang out and relax and sleeps there at night. He slept through the night without crying the 3rd night he was home and has not cried since.

He did his second set of shots the other day and was deemed a very healthy pup by the vet. I am so excited when we can finally start taking him out for walks and to the dog park/beach next month. I think he will love it! Thank you for answering all my emails and questions before and after he came home. We absolutely love him.

I thought I would send some pics along.

Thanks again!