Meet Winnie & Graham: Sable Parti Color and Red Sable Habibi Bears

Hello Hello!

Hallie officially became Winnie and she is the light of my life! My whole family fell in love with Winnie immediately...we really do sit around and talk about how she really is the world's cutest pup :) Wherever Winnie and I go, we get stopped for pictures and a chat about how well behaved and adorable she is. We started puppy classes and even though she is the smallest, she has the biggest personality. The trainers even told us how impressed she is with how quickly she is picking up the commands. My cats have become her kitty sisters and the group of them is the three best friends that any pet owner could have.

My students have taken an extra special liking to Winnie and have made her our mascot....she gets read to and walked everyday with 70 rowdy 6th graders! She has taught them patience, responsibility, and confidence no matter the size.

Thank you so much for everything and I will keep you updated with Winnie and our adventures!


Winnie Update!

Hello there! Winnie will be 10 months only tomorrow! She has been such a perfect addition to our family! She is now being a fashionista with her halter and loves to frolic around in her various fancy outfits. We will take her hair out of her signature pony but she seems to be quite fond of it. I always get stopped when she is out and about with me because everyone wants to know what kind of pup she is. I always proudly let them know she is a super special habibi bear :) we can't wait to see what other adventures she will have! ------------------------------------------------------------ Winnie Update!!

It's a boy! Winnie has welcomed brother "graham" into the mix.

Hi Juile!

The first hour was a ton of pouncing around at least a foot away from each other and then he finally broke the ice! The two of them are hilarious to watch together! Winnie has been showing him the ropes of the house...even our cat Poppy has been trying to cuddle up with him! And of course he got a name...Graham! He is a life size teddy graham!

Whitney and Winnie and Graham