Meet Zuzu: Red Confetti Girl

Dear Julie (and Habibi Crew),

We are absolutely delighted with our experience with you! It was equally wonderful to have our sweet girl delivered to us and have the opportunity to meet you in person! What a sweetheart you are, and it was obvious to my family how much you love your dogs and what you do. I have never met anyone that has experienced such high level of care and attention from their breeder! Julie, I will tell you again your site is like a Bible! I go to it for info daily, and cannot thank you enough for the work and time you put into it every day. It is so very obvious that raising these puppies is truly your gift.

Zuzu's first day home was a little rough as you told us, she wanted us to hold her and she did cry at night, but we persevered and every day was better. After a week she was the puppy we saw at your house on choosing day and seemed to feel confident in hew new home. You knew we wanted a mellower dog, and while it was amazing to see the amount of energy she had at times, we also discovered that she would melt when we held her, just like you said. At 1 year and 4 months she is so laid back and totally mellow with short bursts of energy "Habibi 500" that crack us all up. She can run circles around anyone and is so filled with zest for life! We live in a high rise apartment in Downtown Portland Oregon, and our little Zuzu is perfect for our lifestyle and home. She adapted well, and looks forward to our daily walks, both morning and night. We enjoy traveling with her to beach and she is still small enough to take on the airplane as a carry-on.

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for our new family member. She makes our lives complete.

Elinor, Fredrick and Zuzu