"The Moby Dick" Litter

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The Moby Dick Litter

These puppies are so fluffy and sweet as can be. This litter has a funny tale--we started out naming it the Moby Dick litter, and then the first family named their puppy Hank, the little girl became Luna.....and our son started calling the apricots 'H names' to match Hank, our well-planned theme name didn't quite stick!

Regardless, our Moby Dick/H Litter is absolutely adorable, no matter their 'Names"!

Meet the Gang

Moby Dick , by Herman Melville

The novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville is an epic tale of the voyage of the whaling ship the Pequod and its captain, Ahab, who relentlessly pursues the great Sperm Whale during a journey around the world. The narrator of the novel is Ishmael, a sailor on the Pequod who undertakes the journey out of his affection for the sea.