Habibi Updates

Hello Hello to all our friends and family!

We are enjoying a little hiatus at Habibi Bears and will be taking a week off for Spring Break, but don't worry---when we return we will have so much to share (and some new puppy pics too!)

Our sweet Matilda and Bingley have a darling litter of Small Habibi Bears (7-12 lb range!) Yippeeee for everyone awaiting this size. As we all know, the last Matilda litter was a year ago, and her puppies were a complete Hit!! We have been receiving lots of updates from our families and it is offical--Matilda is a fantastic mommy with lovely genes that produce sweet and happy Habibi Bears!!!

See you soon with updates on these little ones!

Until then, here are pictures from her previous litter (First pic is Pippen and Goldberry (Now Finley) all grown up!!