Meet Arnie

Thank you for sharing that. So special. He is SUCH a good boy. Hardly ever whines or barks. After the second day he learned how to climb the stairs (there are just two of them) so we made little half steps with towels so he could get back down without jumping too far. He loves to jump and pounce! He wants so badly to jump on the couch but can’t make it up yet – I think mostly so he can jump off of it. Once he figures that out we might have to remove all the furniture : ) AND he already learned the Sit command. So smart. His coat is seriously so fantastic - multi–dimensional color I call it! And actually very close to the color of our wood floors which makes it very easy for him to sneak up behind you. I would be thrilled to continue to send you pictures. As long as you don’t mind me clogging your inbox, you shan’t miss him growing up. Here’s one of him the day after he arrived for starters. We posted this on Facebook and I think it’s probably gone viral by now. Don’t be surprised if you get a bunch of waiting list requests : ) You just made Cole the most popular kid in school… and by the way Cole is Arnie’s favorite playmate which we just could not be happier about. Thank you again and talk soon, Katie