March Updates

Hello My Sweet Friends!

It's finally here, selection for our current litter. This litter with Leilah and Bingley is absolutely darling, such amazing colors and the return of the much awaited, Black and White Panda marking! We have enjoyed these little ones so much, I can't believe its already time to start planning the next phase in their little lives. The waiting list has been contacted and if someone decides to wait, we will be contacting the next in line-- so stay tuned! Delivery is set for 3/11/17 for our Western Wa and Portland area families.

Upcoming Litters

  • 2 mamas are bred, and if all goes well-- puppies should be here in April, yay!

  • Our Standard mama is also on the schedule for breeding, -- so those who are looking for the larger Habibi Bears (25+ lbs stands thigh height) we only plan one or two litters a year, so this is a great time to join the waiting list for this size.