Happy Memorial Day

Xavier and Xoe from Cleo's litter

Hello Habibi Family!! We are wishing you all a fantastic holiday weekend with your loved ones. We have been enjoying some sunshine and of course, puppy antics!! My husband and I are having such a ball with our current litter, and sneaking in some fun fishing each week while we are on the coast at our beach house. Our mamas are enjoying this breezy coastal weather, and I must say it sure does my heart good too! As you can tell from our Nursery Page, new litters have arrived-- and Cindy and I are dancing on our toes with excitement over our new pups. As we approach the upcoming litter selection dates, I want to remind families that there may be a delay in email responses as we are working with our current families and matching up puppies, but we promise to return your email as soon as possible! Spring and Summer are always the busiest times of year for us at Habibi Bears, as this is typically when most females will have their cycles. It's all about the light, so you can imagine when that sun comes out after a long dark winter..... it becomes the busy season!

We will be spending some time back and forth between our two homes this summer, so depending on dates, we may be on the coast or on the eastern side of the state. Cindy also travels each quarter between her two homes in Las Vegas and the PNW, with her amazing son, Fred, puppy socializer extraordinaire! For those that don't know, Fred is Cindy's adult son with Autism. Together, our two families are passionate about facilitating our special needs families with their new ESD puppy.

Keep your eyes on the nursery page for updates, I decided to add dates there, for those who are preparing to select, so you can clear schedules for those delivery times.

This weekend I will be wrapping up with my LuLu litter and preparing for the selection!! So exciting, and I know we have many families on pins and needles waiting for this big day!! It's close, my friends. We have to wait a couple more days for the pups to finish their testing and you can plan for your email to choose sometime this coming week.