Selection is starting for our new litters

Hello Habibi Tribe--

Phew, we are finally here! Time to choose your puppies, my dear friends! I am so excited about these little ones-- they are beyond cute! For those who are next in line to select, we have sent the emails out and will start matching up everyone! If anyone decides to wait I will be contacting the next in line, so keep your eyes peeled for those emails! You never know when that will happen!

Business hours & response times

Please keep in mind that during these times, we prioritize our emails to the families choosing, so be sure to allow a little extra time to receive a reply to your emails. This is a busy time for us during the next couple weeks.

Between matching up families and then preparing to deliver the litters, our days are filled with many activities, but your emails are important to us and I do my best to reply to each and every one!

Looking forward to talking Habibi with you all!