Mini vs Teacup

Hi friends!!  We have been receiving so many requests for the next teacup litter and I wanted to address some of the most asked questions here!

First, here is a side by side to give you reference.  The Mini runs typically 10-18 lbs  with the average in the 10-13 lb range.  We have a couple breeding pairs who will produce the larger minis that can be closer to 18 lbs. all are under 20 lbs.  (think of a mini poodle or Schnauzer or Coton de Tulear)

Teacups run in the 3-8 lb range. They are small and compact and have a nice sturdy structure.  These little ones are great with well behaved children, but as they are small-- we prefer not to place them in homes with little ones who could hurt them.   This size has been under development for a few years and in 2017 we produced our first litters for our clients.  Mamas of this size are Ramona, Matilda and Halle.  Occasionally we have a small mini that is in the 8-12 lb range too!   For those of you who like the small dogs but are fearful of how delicate they are, the Teacup Habibi is a great breed. They have. When healthy and sturdy like the larger counterparts!

Our standard Habibi line runs 25-50 lbs (average being around 30-35)  they stand taller and are similar to a standard Poodle or Doodle.