Happy Easter

At Habibi Bears, this time of year is always one of the busiest for us-- longer days and warmer weather mean...breeding season :) We are getting awfully excited to see the new puppies coming for spring, and can't wait for all of our anxiously awaiting families to get to pick their puppies in the coming seasons. As we have news, I will be updating the Nursery Page with estimations, so you can keep your eyes peeled there

Cindy and I are excitedly working on some new behind the scenes socialization planning for our upcoming litters. We've been studying each litter and we're always looking for new techniques to enhance our puppy socialization program. We plan to implement some really amazing activities for our puppies in the next litters, and I am excited to see the results! As 99% of our clientele are referrals needing therapy hopefuls or emotional support dogs, we take this aspect very seriously. We are extremely blessed to work with a phenomenal little breed that is so forgiving and loving.

Have a fantastic Holiday!!