Selection has begun....

Hello Beloved Habibi Family,

We are dancing on our toes with excitement for the latest selection of our summer Habibi's! The next in line on the waiting list have been contacted, and if someone decides to wait, we will be contacting the remaining list! Stay tuned, folks!

We are starting off today with the two mini litters and the Smaller Mini Litter (Teacup) will be coming up next. It's been an amazing time watching these little cuties grow up and we are so excited with the temperaments-- with the development of our Habibi Method, we are finding the social skills and temperaments are sound and consistent with little to no differences in pups. To back up our findings, we read a recent article that supports what we have seen over the years-- with proper socialization and excellent genetics, all puppies have an equal head start above most pups from your typical breeding/kennel environment. What we also have discovered, and this article supports, is that what happens once that pup is placed in it's new home is crucial in the final outcome of puppy's personality. What does this mean? Proper socialization and training go hand in hand with enrichment-filled activities for pups and adult dogs. The puppies truly adapt to their homes and there is little evidence that show personality testing of puppies weighs in as much as the environment "home" the puppy ends up in. Scientific studies show that most behavior issues can be the result of how the dog is raised, trained and what type of enrichment activities the dog is exposed to. Gone are the old ideas that long walks will calm your dog. Even the most active of dogs will be calmer with appropriate enrichment activities. What does that look like? Interactive toys that encourage the dog to work for its food, activities in your backyard including obstacle courses or activities that require the dog to think, instead of over-running which causes injury to a puppy's growth plates and joints.

Our puppies have been exposed to everything possible to set them up for success, and we are happy to share our findings of each puppy with our families. What we have found over the years has been interesting.... sometimes the mellow or shy puppy ends up in their new home and will come out of its shell, so to speak. What is actually happening is the pup is adapting to its new environment, and perhaps the home has more energy or the puppy sat back and watched the others in it's litter, and how its ready to try to establish itself in the new "pack". Or the busiest in the litter is absolutely calm and perfect for the new family. All in all, these little ones have wonderful personality and we can't wait for our families to enjoy them!