New Year Updates from Habibi Bears

Happy New Year!

Veronica the Panda marked Habibi Bear

I hope this finds you all well! Isn't it incredible that its 2019? Time sure flies when you are having fun! We are enjoying a very mild winter here in the PNW, and looking forward to all the excitement this new year brings. I wanted to make a quick update on our timelines and planned litters, as I know this is the favorite subject for our Habibi Families :)

We are currently awaiting heat cycles for the next Teacup and Standard litters. For those that like the smaller size, we will continue to let you know when we have smaller pups in our Mini Litters. Teacups are the 8-12 lb puppies-- basically the smaller end of the scale in our Mini Litters. They are all the same lines, but we have a couple mommies that tend to produce the smaller sizes, so we gave them their own distinction. For those that want a Standard puppy, now is the time to hop on the waiting list, as there will be one planned for 2019! We have room for a couple more deposits and will be closing this list.

Litters Bred:

1 Mini ready for selection the end of Jan

3 Mini litters bred and due in Feb & March

We will have some smaller pups within these litters-- so those who are awaiting their smaller puppy, we will keep you posted when the pups are ready for selection!