Blog Update: Updates on Upcoming Litters

Hello everyone!

It's been such a busy breeding season, and we are excited to meet all these new little babies soon!! I know many of you are super excited to adopt your new addition, and we are excited to announce the wait is soon to be over!

Litter Updates:

We lost our May teacup litter, sadly, mama had complications and luckily she was saved, but had to be spayed. We do have another teacup litter due in July, and of course, we always have this size in our regular Mini litters too. We have three mommies that consistently have produced the smaller sizes, and that was when we chose to call the smaller minis this name. So for those families who are awaiting this size, please accept our apologies for the delay, and know that you will have a puppy that is meant just for you, we promise. We have so many litters coming and we are firm believers that each and every puppy is meant for a particular home, it always works out. Sometimes trying to plan and schedule does end up with delays, as we are ultimately dealing with Mother Nature, and these factors are out of our control. We do our very best to keep the waiting list moving as quickly as humanly possible, and we are so grateful for our amazing families for your patience!!!!

Upcoming Litters:: 3 litters due the beginning of June, and then more are coming toward mid-end June, and into August. It's going to be another amazing season with beautiful pups!

Planned time-frames refer to when puppies are born-- and the summer litters are coming soon!!!

The summer is always our busy time, as the spring breedings are the most abundant, due to the changes in the weather, longer days and increased daylight. (The early spring litters are the results of winter breedings, and it is not as plentiful, due to the lack of light. )