Did Someone Say Standard?

Little Zuki- a Plush Coat Habibi Bear

Hi Habibi Tribe!

We are just dancing on our toes over here with this big announcement!! YES, its official... we are planning another Standard litter for Winter! After receiving nothing but glowing reports on these little Standard Habibi's from the summer, we've approved another breeding in our 2021 lineup. This breeding was such a hit, and we are excited for the future development of our beloved Standard line. I always take everything into consideration as I advance my breed, and while the majority of our clientele are looking for a more compact version, we want to also meet the needs of families who prefer a larger breed.

What I've discovered after this recent litter, is that there is quite a demand for the larger size! So after much thought on the subject, we are moving forward slowly with re-introducing the Standard Habibi line back into our breeding lineup.

Meet Ginger-Another darling Habibi with the plush coat

Little Chocolate Phantom, just like mama!
Habibi Bear's FIRST Standard Black phantom female!

As many of you know, the Standard Habibi is not a size we breed often, as most families are wanting a more compact dog for their needs. My main focus in developing my breed has been for therapy, and I began with the mini size. The Mini remains our most requested size as it is so versatile for most families. But over the years, the Standard has proven to be a wonderful dog as well, and we have developed quite a following for them. In recent weeks, many of our families with Standard dogs from years back have been touching base to keep me posted on how their dogs are doing, with glowing reports. The Standard dogs are all fulfilling their family's wishes for a perfect companion. Many are serving as therapy and service dogs alike.

As with all large breed dogs, a larger puppy is a little more work in the beginning than a smaller version, and families who enjoy larger dogs are eager for this challenge.

So for those that have been on the fence about adopting a Standard, I have just re-opened the waiting list for the planned upcoming litter. This is limited availability as we only take deposits for Standards before the planned breeding, and close the waiting list again until we decide on another breeding.

It can be six months... or two years.

For those interested in adopting the Standard size, feel free to introduce yourself by submitting the Adoption Questionnaire, and be sure to let us know your family dynamics and experience in raising dogs :)

When it comes to the Standard's, we like to make sure the families are fully prepared with healthy expectations of the level of care a larger puppy requires. Of course all puppies are active, they are teething and have extremely sharp teeth, little impulse control and need consistent training during this phase-- so a bigger puppy just means bigger teeth... and bigger all around... but we are also noticing the families seem to have potty trained them faster than the smaller pups of the same age. During temperament testing (and according to the trainer), it is clear that the larger breeds develop earlier than the minis and teacup sizes. They are an incredibly intelligent, interactive and loving breed, and with proper training and lots of love, they are an incredible addition to most homes! We look forward to our next litter and working with our new families this coming year.

Much love--- Julie