Fall Selection begins this week!

Hi Habibi Families,

Wow, fall is officially here with a gusto! It seems as if we skipped from extreme heat to cold overnight in our area! They are predicting snow and dropping temps by the end of the week! It seems winter is here a bit early!

After taking a little vacation away to recharge after our busy summer season, we are back and preparing for the upcoming selections for fall. I just updated the site with the current stats for upcoming litters, and we have added an additional date for upcoming Standard litter in the new year! After the success of our summer Standard Litter, the requests are coming in quick, so we have decided to add an additional litter for the year. If you are considering this size, I will be accepting a couple more deposits for this planned litter.

Fall Litters are arriving!

We have three litters born with one or two pups in each, so the first selections are not as many puppies as usual, but we are catching up quickly with the two litters recently born, and another due in a week! So for those anxiously awaiting their fall puppies (We estimate the Date of Birth, not the Go home Date) they are starting to arrive now! These smaller litters translate to a little longer wait for our waiting list families, and if you don't hear from us for this upcoming selection, you will be on target with the next pups born. Keep in mind that these are all factors that are out of our control, and while I know everyone is so excited to adopt, I promise we will get to each and every one of you with a darling little Habibi Bear of your own in the very near future. We are SO excited about these sweet babies arriving! Super pretty puppies!

As these first couple pups are teacups, they tend to need longer for the temperament testing and we have pushed back the delivery day a week to accommodate these two. The next three puppies (a one pup litter and two pup litter) will be ready the week of the 31st for testing-- and then we will be in touch for those three little ones.

Ok my friends, I am off to get in some puppy time with these little ones. Extending all our love to you and yours!