Hip hip Hooray! We have an opening for a puppy!

Hello Habibi Family!

How’s the weather treating you? If you are in the PNW, we are experiencing quite a heatwave these days. Wow! Thankfully we are staying cool and the dogs are doing great, despite a few power outages effecting my ability to update our site!

Summer puppies & waiting list updates

We are right smack-dab in the middle of our summer litter selections and we’ve had a few families who have opted to wait till winter for their puppies so they can travel this summer. While this is highly unusual to have the entire waiting list opting to wait- it means it’s that rare blue moon kind-of alignment for those who have been wanting a puppy but couldn’t get on the waiting list! Yay! This also means our availability will be pushed back to ‘22 as the fall and winter list is now filled from our Summer transfers!

If this speaks to you, and your summer is the perfect time to train a puppy- we are accepting a limited amount of applications for these little ones! You can find our application here

the available puppies are found here

And depending on this power outage situation, we may not be able to update the availability in real-time so please do not hesitate to email me directly info@habibibears.com

New Referral Program!

We are so thankful for our families and pet professionals that refer their family and friends to us. Truly, thank you for sharing the love 💕.

As our way of showing our gratitude to our incredible Habibi Bear Tribe, we wanted to return the favor!

For every family who joins the waiting list thst you have referred, we are offering a $25 thank you! This is unlimited.
Payouts are sent via Venmo

Looking forward to summer fun and seeing all of your Smiling faces on Instagram!