New online Puppy Class for each litter

Hello Habibi Family!

Spring has officially kicked off, and I’m enjoying the beautiful weather over here on the Eastern side of the state. I hope this finds you all healthy enjoying the warm weather as well.

I have been working behind the scenes on a new program for our Habibi families, and it’s being unrolled in phases. After many years of monitoring how our puppies are doing in their new homes, and evaluating the questions from families, I’ve developed an additional training resource to assist in that first four weeks home.

As you all know by now, my focus is on socialization and puppy-focused training. What we know about a puppy’s development, is that the first 12 weeks are the most important. And with that being said, we want our puppies and families to be together for that last four weeks of this window 8-12, so the family can be part of this magical time. It is so valuable to experience this very short window when you can actually be part of shaping your puppy. As wonderful as this sounds, and it truly is, we are still seeing some families having issues with basic puppy rearing and they are missing many of the milestones using punishment based training, some are simply too focused on training that they overwhelm the developing puppy before it’s even physiologically ready, and then there are others who haven’t done enough socializing, or establishing a balanced routine in the home, so their pups become fearful of new experiences. What’s a person to do? It seems so overwhelming to some. I’ve evaluated all of the email questions we’ve received over the years, complied lists, and have been working on development of a continuing education program that will address these misunderstandings and common issues. We’ve been breeding, raising and training dogs for over 30 year, and I’m here to say it truly is so much easier to raise a puppy than you think, when you do the right things at the right time. And that’s where we come in- we are going to lay it all out for you so you have the knowledge to know just exactly WHAT these things are, and WHEN to implement the appropriate training.

As this is all rolling out, we will be tweaking the program and making changes. But for every family, we are offering four weeks additional support and training with your puppy. This is all part of the Habibi University, and each week’s lessons are being loaded to the Habibi U Training area. For now, the videos are lecture based with homework and handouts. Week One has been loaded, and I’ll be adding the following weeks as I create the content. I’m also expanding my prerequisites for families bringing home their puppies. We have a check off list before you select. If you are not able to meet the requirement, then it’s best to wait for the next litter when you are able to be fully prepared. We want our puppies to transition well, and part of that has to do with how well the new family is prepared. We also want the puppies to all go home on the same day- on the free delivery day that we provide- as this assists in the ease of transition and continuation of the puppy’s training. Each litter will have a new lesson starting the week after they are home. So you can prepare ahead of time, by following along with the lessons and knowing what to do when you bring home your pup. Each litter‘s weekly class is scheduled for every Sunday- following the delivery. You can submit the video of your training work to me to evaluate and help you adjust as needed. Together we will tackle all the ups and downs of puppy raising and you will be a pro in no time!!

Sending SO much love to you all,