Puppy temperament testing is underway!

Hello Habibi Family!

Its here finally!! Testing day! We are having a blast this weekend testing all the puppies in the current litter, using a new in-depth system that I’ve been studying and developing over the past few months. These assessments require more of the puppies, therefore we are finding we need to push back selection dates a little longer than our usual timeframe, in order to assess the qualities accurately. We discovered earlier this week that the pups were not reacting to part of the test and it’s simply due to immaturity— we jumped the gun to early 😂

So we are moving selection back to Monday. After much study on the topic, I have created a new system that requires three people to be present, and we have to catch each puppy at a specific time of wakefulness/ hungry/pottied— so it is an intense focus for us. For all litters raised by our partner, I’m able to be the tester, and she is able to be the tester for the litters I have raised—and a third person for scribing— my hubby! We’ve been at it today for about eight hours and have four pups to go.

These test results are not either good or bad, they are to help me understand how the pup reacts, what it’s tweakable and stable traits are, then how to best work with this puppy, and the best home for this pup. For most of our families needing therapy- we need to get this as accurate as humanly possible! For all of the puppies, we want to make sure they are placed in the correct environment with the family that will be able to meet their needs. For instance, some folks are loud and have a lot of activity. Some families are quiet and never leave the home. Many homes have kids and for that instance I have to place a specific type of dog especially. Each home has a puppy best suited for it. From there I am writing up a little guide for each puppy to help the family in training and areas to focus. There are no perfect puppies or people, but there are always perfect homes for each puppy! We know our families appreciate the way we raise our puppies, and this new testing process is also part of the new training information in our Habibi U area. My goal is to feel confident with each placement, and I have raised the bar as far as providing even more assistance for our adoptive families, for self-guided training. As I develop the training area, more content will be added.

i have been receiving lots of emails asking when people get to choose, and I promise it’s coming, but we need to allow the puppies to mature before we move forward. for those next in line for fall or later- once we finish these current litters I’ll have a better idea of timing. Keep in mind that the waiting list flows depending on families that opt to wait longer, or how many puppies we have... heat cycles etc. The list ebbs and flows with each litter. This is the aspect of things that is hard on us humans, but it always works out just fine, and everyone gets a puppy that has been purposefully raised by very capable and knowledgeable hands.

Our selection process is always focused on temperament first, which is why we are able to place puppies long distance with 100 percent success. This testing gives us an accurate look at each puppy to better help families in choosing, and we are also developing an improved process for families, and will be asking them to fill out a questionnaire about their home. I know most breeders don’t do all of this extra stuff, they have people come over and pick a puppy, but there is so much more to learn about raising a dog and I don’t agree with that process. The amount of problems we used to have when we didn‘t take these steps, was more than I’d like to admit! When people used to come over to pick puppies, 99 % of the time, they had no understanding of what to look for and would gravitate to the absolutely opposite type of personality suited for them. At that time, I had no education about temperament, all I knew was some are busy, some shy... some bark, some are quiet. It’s so hard for me to believe how ignorant I was back then, it has been a long journey! As I became interested in developing my own breed, I began studying temperament as part of my genetic studies and that’s when I started the intentional socializing and temperament testing. Still, when families came over they seemed to not know what was best for them. In the end, most people would turn and say, Julie, please tell me who is best puppy for our home. And I knew I was being guided to a higher calling.

So that’s why we do this. We realize most people are not experts on temperament— this is 30 years of experience and education on my part, and I never stop studying! Thank you, everyone for entrusting us with this big event, we take this very seriously— and I hope this next level of dedication to the process, advances our Habibis into the next phase of our development of the “perfect companion and therapy dog”!

In Love and Unity,