Puppy & Upcoming Litter Updates

Hello everyone!

It's been a fun week preparing for tomorrow's big delivery day with our current Egyptian Litter, and the arrival of the first of our winter litters happened too!

Litter Updates for Winter

For those waiting for your puppy, its getting closer as the litters begin to arrive. We had a slow start to the fall season in 2020 with three one and two puppy litters, but have caught up over the past couple months! What that translates to, is many of you will have the opportunity to adopt sooner if you like. We will be re-opening the waiting list and accepting deposits for Spring and Summer, and possibly winter if we have large litters!

Puppy Available Now!

We also have a darling little boy available right now, and he is a wonderful little guy from our Egyptian Litter, named Diab. His details are listed on the nursery page, and if you feel like you would be a good fit for him, feel free to email us and introduce yourself!

Puppy Nanny Service

With the lockdown in place, we have found many families are not able to fly in to pick up their puppies. After using a nanny service in recent months, we decided this is something we can offer to our families, as who else can provide the best care for our little ones? If you are interested in this service, you can read more on our Payments Page

. Ok my friends, I am off to prepare for tomorrow! We look forward to another wonderful year together, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our mission of transforming hearts, one puppy at a time. We love the stories we hear about how our little dogs are healing hearts and changing lives! We are all so very blessed to share our lives with these little souls.

In love and unity,