Selection for our next Mini/Teacup litters is coming up!

Hi Habibi Families!

We are having a ball with these two darling litters and the time is coming for selection! We will be contacting the next families in line for these little ones in the next week, so stay tuned. For those that have been patiently waiting for your email, thank you for your patience. We had a slow start to the fall season with our first three litters resulting in only 5 puppies-- but we are catching up! There are more to come, and they wait may be a little longer than we estimated, but they are sooo worth it!

Upcoming Litters

In other news, we have bred our mama's for our winter '21 litters, so lets cross our fingers! We have minis and standards coming-- due starting in Jan-early Feb!


After several families commenting that their puppies are becoming picky eaters, we went back to the drawing board to find some new alternatives for our families. We are excited to announce that as of 2020 we are now changing all of our puppies' diets to PAWTREE dog food and treats. The dog food debates and questions are over for us. We found the best dog food around--Pawtree is our food of choice.

Food is the foundation of good health. We know as pet parents it can be overwhelming to decide what food will provide our pets the proper nutrition to live healthy, vibrant lives.

While dogs can survive on most commercial brands, PAWTREE has customized nutrition plans to help our dogs thrive in life, not just survive.

Every dog is unique. Why should they all eat the same thing? The answer is: they shouldn't!

PawTree is a wonderful company. They have great food products, with a variety of proteins... holistic, grain or grain free diets, to their superfood seasonings to add a variety of flavors for each meal. A well rounded holistic supplements that help support your pet's health, such as the urinary system, GI tract, joints, cognitive support, dry/itching skin, allergies, ear wash, flea/tick spray... AND it is all natural. They also have toys, urine and oxy cleaners and ear wash. (If you have cats, they have stuff for them too!) Look below for more information on their products, how to order, and what we recommend for bringing your new puppy home.

This is the food we will raise your puppy on, and to get your pup off to a great start, you want to order the exact formula. So this is the ONLY item that is mandatory to purchase, BUT I promise, do not stop looking here. Continue to look below!

Ok my friends, I am off for now, and we will be back soon with lots of cute cuddly Habibi Love!