Standard Litter Selection has started, we have an opening for a puppy!

HI Habibi Family!

Our selection has begun and we have a family who was adopting two puppies that had an unexpected job relocation that requires them to move right away. That means we have room for two lucky families to adopt now! As you know, our Standard size is only available once in a blue moon, and this is changing for 2021, as we have been raising new mommies to grow up for our standard line!

This litter is incredibly calm and laid back. A great choice for those who always wanted a bigger dog. The pups are going to be excellent with children and great for therapy, too. We are amazed at the temperament with this litter, the colors are amazing too!

So if you are on the list and have an application on file- contact us today! If you have been watching our page (we see many fans on our instagram and site) and want a Habibi, now is the time to reach out, as it is a rare occasion to have a puppy available without our usual several month wait!