Tear Stain Regime

Hello Family,

With the spring weather arriving, many Dogs experience allergies just like us. I’ll find the questions that come up seasonally are related to this. Tearing eyes can be a sign of allergy season, teething or even water or protein source related. While some amount of tearing is normal, we do like to treat the area and work from the inside out.

Tear stains can be cause by many factors. Here are some ways that are proven to work.

Step 1: Address the food

Please refer to the Recommended Food page to ensure you are not feeding a food with dyes, by-products or allergy inducing ingredients that may exacerbate tear stains. And many of the foods that vets sell are full of these ingredients! Read labels If you do all of these steps but don’t address the food, you will continue to have issues. www.Pawtree.com/habibibears

Step 2: Bowls

For both food and water you should only be using glass bowls. Plastics and ceramics can harbor bacteria that can cause tear stains. Stainless steal can be used for food AS ALONG as it is high quality stainless steal (not usually found in pet stores). Don’t use stainless steal for water. It makes the water taste GROSS. Don’t believe me? Wash your dogs stainless steal water bowl, but room temp water in it and let it sit for an hour and then drink it. It will taste like you just put a penny in your mouth. Glass only. In addition, some people found that using filtered water made all the difference.

Step 3: Saline

Purchase plain cheap limited ingredient saline at the store. Yes, the kind for your eyes/contacts. Wash the face 3 times a week with the saline. If the staining is crusty please be gentle because pully the hairs by the eye can be painful. If the stains are hard, use warm water and w washcloth and gently massage and break them up. CAREFULLY cut them off if you have to or have your groomer do it. The saline is safe to get in the eyes and will kill the bacteria on the face.

Step 4: Supplements

We discovered a new product made by bulldog breeders (common trait in the breed) that has awesome results.

Order here:


Angel eyes Natural or Eye Envy are both good options. Get the kind you put in their food NOT the wipes. If you opt for wipes READ the label. They often say you have to rinse the product off the dogs face. Use the supplements daily for no more that 3 weeks. Do not use on pregnant females or dogs who may become pregnant or who are nursing.

Step 5: Protein

If you have done all of these steps for 3+ weeks and still have an issue, it’s time to look at food. Make sure the formula you are using has limited grains and starches (no corn-ideally just one grain or starch) and change the protein (for example from chicken to beef).

Step 6: Maintain

Some dogs are prone to allergies or excessive tear production and may need eye cleaning as part of their weekly grooming routine. Once you have the stains under control you can drop down to eye cleaning with saline to once a week or every 2 weeks as needed. We also use Vetricyn or Microcyn ear and eye wash. Great stuff! https://amzn.to/3lL2Yru

Most people see results in the first 2 weeks, others it may take 3-4 weeks. Be consistent for best results.