Updates from Habibi Land!

Hello Everyone!

As selection time approaches, I wanted to share some of the love with our Habibi Tribe near and far. This is a very busy time for our family as we balance the daily care of the new puppies arriving, with the weekly puppy curriculum activities for all the litters. I am always reminded at how grateful I am for my amazing team at Habibi Bears. We can only imagine how very exciting it must be to anticipate that selection day for your puppy. It is a magical experience!!

This is a great time to go over your training program, print out the weekly handouts from our Habibi U area to help you implement your daily structure, so you can easily roll into life with a new puppy. The more prepared you are in advance, the more rewards you will reap later. I love hearing from our families and receiving feedback on how well their first weeks are going. Its much like bringing home a new baby, and we understand how overwhelming this can be. This is why I developed the 4 week program in Habibi U, as its more of a preparation on what to expect, and how to structure your day around your schedule. For your puppy training needs, we follow the Baxter and Bella training program-- and you can print out the handouts and begin studying the videos right away! (use the code HABIBI25 for a 25% discount on your membership)

Chhh Changes.....

2020 proved to be a year of unsurpassed changes for so many of us, and for us at Habibi Bears, the demand for our puppies was more than we have ever experienced, and continues to grow! We've grown so much that we have outgrown our current website! I have so many new programs and updates to launch and share with our incredible Habibi Family, and have been working overtime on building a new home on the world wide web, complete with a new course area, more support and training; including one-on-one distance healing and energy sessions, aromatherapy support for your dog. This has been an offering I have provided on a very limited basis, and we've found it to be very supportive to our dogs. All of this will be rolling out in the next couple of months- so stay tuned! I am very excited to expand my offerings and provide personal support to our dogs and their families.

How can you get on the Habibi Waiting List? Waiting List Question... do you have dogs available now?

Oh the waiting......is the hardest part. Tom Petty wasn't kidding! But kidding aside, waiting is just part of this adoption thing here at Habibi Bears. We are absolutely not able to have puppies available outside of the waiting list, and while I try to keep it limited, we end up having to turn so many people away in order to keep it manageable. Our breeding program is very small, and we keep it this way in order to be able to provide the dogs with the life they deserve, the puppies the experience they need to be prepared for a life as a support animal. This is a huge undertaking and our crew spends hours and hours working with and handling the puppies, teaching them our advanced puppy curriculum, that sets them up for success. This is the reason our puppies are so loving and amazing, and it wouldn't be possible if we were a large kennel facility. So the wait is a part of the experience in adopting through us.

So the biggest, number one question I receive daily is... "How can I be one of the few families that are approved for the waiting list?" This question is so difficult to answer, as I have many aspects to consider when I read over applications, most of which is done intuitively. But with that being said, I wanted to cover some basic criteria I look for as I read over the applications. First, above all else, introduce yourself and tell us about your family. A warm introduction is so appreciated, and brings a smile to my face :) Also reading that you have read over the site, or have met one of our dogs, and are familiar with our program and feel aligned to our purpose, is very helpful. I receive hundreds of emails and many times they are just a couple words, such as "How Much?", (which is listed on the site). First impressions are everything, and as the person who will entrust my precious puppies in the hands of a stranger, these kind of emails are usually going to be overlooked in favor of the family that sends me a lovely introductory email, complete with a friendly, "Hello". I must feel aligned with the applicant. A referral is always preferred, as this is an indication that the family has met our dogs and already feels confident that we are a breeder they can trust. I see our relationship as a collaboration, I give this wonderful little being a great start, and hand the torch to you! Together we will raise a beautiful happy dog that will make all your dreams come true! (This is my intention for every single puppy!) So please, share with me why you chose our breed, and how you feel this little dog will be a benefit for your home. Always share with me if you are in need of a therapy or service animal, as this is why I developed the Habibi. Most importantly, be yourself and share from your heart. This is a life changing experience and we are going to be family!

Waiting Times

While I do my very best to give you an estimation of when you can bring home your puppy, keep in mind this is a fluid process, its not exact, and I can't give you an exact number of how many are ahead of you, or what number you are on the list, due to these factors. For this reason I estimate a season, and usually I am pretty darn accurate within a month or two (barring any surprises from Mother Nature, such as false pregnancy or small litter sizes). My waiting list has families waiting for different reasons, just as you. That means some folks decide to wait, so a spot can open up-- but that means the waiting list is never an exact number. I never know who will wait, moving them back to the next litter. Or who will move up taking that spot. So we do ask every family to please be patient with this process, as we are dealing with nature and so many factors out of our control. BUT do know that when the time arrives, you will be so happy with your little bear, and the wait will be a thing of the past. It is much like labor, and holding that baby puts it all into perspective. Take this time to prepare and read up, take some classes and really enjoy the nesting period. It won't be forever!

If you happen to be reading this, and have been considering adding one of our sweet Habibi Bears to your family, please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself. I always love meeting new families and learning how we can help heal hearts with our magical little breed.

In Love and Unity-