Updates from Habibi Land! Waiting list open for Standard and Moyen puppies 🐶

Hi Habibi Family!

we are dancing on our toes over here as we announce the long awaited Moyen and Standard litters are coming up! Our mommies are starting to come into season now- and we are accepting limited Reservations for these waiting lists. For those who have been waiting- here’s your chance to reach out and introduce yourself and tell us about your needs. We would love to work with those who are as passionate about our dogs as we are, and have a need for service, therapy, facility or ESA. As the guardian of this breed, I am choosy about who I align with, as we consider each new home part of the family. We are in this together and I not only love hearing from our families- I expect it! We are developing a breed with science and Heart— its Divine Alchemy. So our little tribe of Habibi owners are connected for life.

These magical dogs are blowing our minds with the work they are doing in the world. If you haven’t been over to our Instagram, it’s been exploding with excitement as we watch our dogs living out their lives and purpose.


With that, we have some other exciting news to share!

Habibi Montessori

Our amazing trainer who has been working with Bianca and Zelda for service training, is now joining our team! We are unrolling a new training program to help our families get off on the right “paw” with their new puppy. We will be adding boarding and training options at weekly and monthly rates for our puppies, with an individualized curriculum for each unique pup. We recognize that every pup is an individual, and learns at their own rate- so we don’t have a cookie cutter program to follow. It’s catered to each puppy and family’s schedule. More to come on how this program can be useful for your home.

A New Home

I’m also developing a brand new upgraded site with so many yummy additions for our families. It’s quite an undertaking as we work with our site developers— we are hoping to have this all rolled out by fall! This site will be a complete resource for our Habibi Bear tribe - complete with a private forum and courses, training, a Habibi shop, holistic health consultation, energy healing... and more!!

Genetically Diverse and Healthy Habibi Bears

On another note, we are thrilled as our breed advances, to see the proof in the genetic tests. We just completed a new round of testing for our multigenerational lines and the genetic consultant was floored... literally called me to tell me that we are doing a fantastic job in breeding out the heritable traits from the original pure breed lines in the background. We are now at the status of totally clear of over 200 diseases -and a few carriers (that when bred to a clear dog do not pass on these traits).

There are some heritable traits that apply to all breeds with shorter legs (mini and toy sizes breeds) that when carefully combined with a non carrier- you can breed for health And each generation you improve this. We have been working on this for years! This is why we test our dogs, and why I would never recommend a puppy from a breeder who does otherwise—its playing Russian Roulette. It’s amazing what tests are coming up each year for us to use, and we discovered by following our unique breed development practice (no back-crossing like all doodles are bred) we literally eliminated most of these diseases- and some diseases that are newly being tested are considerably less as well!! Its the proof that confirms when I followed my inner guidance on how to develop my new breed, it was Divinely Guided. I wouldn’t have known what this would do thirty years ago, I just followed my heart, and the desire to consciously breed for health in a way that honored hybrid vigor. Thank you God for your hand in this!

So much to be thankful for in 2021! Thanks for another amazing year raising the magical Habibi Bear!