Updates & Quarantine News

Hello Everyone,

I hope this is finding everyone healthy and happy during social distancing! How has it been going for you? With all the fear and stress in the world, I wanted to write and let everyone know that we at Habibi Bears are all healthy and doing great, dogs are full of life and joy, and we have so much hope and positivity for the future. This time has truly proven to me how incredibly beautiful we are as human beings. Every day my inbox is flooded with loving notes and messages from you all, and for that we are truly thankful. I can't imagine an endeavor that gives as much reward as raising our Habibi Bears gives us. Thank you everyone for your love and support, and we are sending it right back to you!

Litter and Breeding News

Now onto some fun updates and news.... did someone ask about puppies? Well, I am glad you did! We have so many exciting things going on here, and our plans are not effected by the Corona Virus at all. We are full steam ahead, and have just finished up a successful breeding season, with puppies planned for Summer and Fall. Spring litters are starting to arrive, and selection and delivery dates will be posted on the nursery once we are past the critical phase :)

Puppy Availability

I've had an influx of inquiries since the quarantine began, asking for puppies available now. The common thoughts we are hearing are:

(1) Assuming with the current quarantine situation, families are probably not able to adopt due to financial hardships, so that leads to the next thought: (2) hoping they can take their puppy or spot on the waiting list because they want a puppy NOW due to being home.

Since this seems to be a common belief, I thought I would make an announcement to update everyone. Our policy is that families on the waiting list are always given first option to move up if a spot becomes available. So for those who want to adopt with the option to choose sooner, now is the time to submit those applications and deposits to reserve a space on the list, before we close the waiting list again. We always offer those newly available spots to those on the waiting list, and without a deposit on file, we won't be able to bump anyone ahead of those who have placed a deposit.

Visiting Policy

As a breeder, I have three decades of experience with the force of deadly diseases. I know first hand how quickly disease can spread and wipe out a population. My heart goes out to those who are afraid right now due to the Corona Virus, but I want to offer my personal experience as a way of hope for our future. For years we had several instances of Parvo and other diseases being brought into our home and nursery ... always brought in from visitors. Each time it happened, I would watch my puppies begin to drop one by one.. and then my heart would drop... knowing what I was now facing again..... it is a breeder's worst nightmare. I can't begin to explain the level of fear I experienced, and how utterly powerless to these diseases I felt. After each incident, I tried to tighten the rules while still allowing visitors, because that is what the general public expects and demands. However, each year we would have another incident and it always was traced back to a visitor. Every. TIME. Finally, after the last experience I was ready to close my doors and quit. But our families begged me to not give up and one said to me, "Can't you just stop letting visitors come?" I realized that was an option, as most families didn't come over, it was usually new people who weren't even on the waiting list.

After a year of this policy, I happily reported no new cases of deadly diseases--- quarantine works! I can honestly say with total confidence, that this is the easiest way to prevent disease, simply reduce exposure to the public. As for my waiting list, everyone appreciated the level of care we put into their puppies and were so thankful we implemented this new No Visit policy, as that meant their puppy was also protected. You see, when people come to visit the dogs, they have nothing invested, and many times they are shopping around, visiting other kennels, pet stores and breeders. While I would ask them not to... people lie. They have nothing to lose. When they come to visit the dogs, they are literally visiting someone's puppy. And that puppy is loved and has a home anxiously awaiting their delivery day! So when these people leave, we may never hear from them again, but if they exposed our nursery to Parvo... now someone who IS invested in a puppy is effected. I have to tell that family that their puppy is sick... or even worse, it died. And that is just as heartbreaking for me as it is to lose the puppy.

We are a closed breeder and we do not allow visits under any circumstance. We tried many different ways to continue visits and we still had issues with visitors not following our rules and bringing Parvo and other diseases into our nursery. While it was not my first choice, it was the only choice for me to make, and still remain breeding. It was either quit or stop allowing visitors, as I was not going to go through another heartbreak of that magnitude again. So with the influx of new people asking to adopt, I wanted to once again share my personal experience with deadly diseases and how I have been able to prevent re-infection through quarantine. There are no 100 percents in life, but this is about as close as you can get to contain or prevent disease spread.

Thanks so much for all your love and support-- we look forward to warm weather and improved health for all!