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Thanks to new  buy-now/pay-later options, adding a Habibi Bear puppy to your family has never been easier!

Habibi Air: Flight Nanny: $650 + flight fee (actual flight cost)

Flight Nanny: $650 + flight fee (actual flight cost)

At Habibi Bears, we understand the importance of delivering your puppy to you safely and efficiently. That's why we offer ground delivery to pick-up points in each area for your convenience. 

While we don't offer delivery to individual homes due to time constraints, we have convenient stops off the freeway where our experienced team will meet you at the scheduled time. We'll keep you updated on the journey, so you'll always know when to expect your new furry friend. 

Rest assured, your puppy is handled with care by our compassionate team members who know and love them. We never rely on outside carriers, so you can trust that your puppy is in good hands from start to finish. 

We go the extra mile to provide the safest and most reliable delivery experience. 

The $650 flight nanny fee will be charged today. Once we have the flight cost, you will be notified and charged the actual cost of the flight.