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Final Adoption & Training Payment Options:
credit card • Apple Pay • Venmo (@Julie-Abou) • bank draft

*Please Note: There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee for all Debit/Credit Card Transactions. Avoid this fee with a bank draft via invoice.  We require payment in full when puppy has been selected.

12 Week Habibi Pup Academy


Skip the stress of training your puppy yourself! A healthy, happy, obedient, and fully potty trained puppy who will come home to support your family for a lifetime.

  • Puppy goes home around 5 months old
  • Imprinted Puppy
  • Allergy Testing
  • Habibi Method: Advanced Service Puppy Curriculum
  • Habibi Pup Academy
    (12 weeks)
    Habibi University Access
  • Unique Selection Process 
  • Pup Academy Training Guide & Handbook PDF
  • 4 free weekly training calls & 3 monthly when puppy is home *
  • Delivery to Western WA & Portland on Gotcha Day
  • Lifetime Support
  • 5 Yr. Health Guarantee

*Follow up training calls are scheduled according to length of stay in the Academy, and do not roll-over. Weekly calls begin after puppy has been in the home for one week and will take place on a weekly basis, then roll into once a month (per length of stay) If client doesn't follow up with calls within the timeframe listed, they will expire, as troubleshooting becomes more difficult without consistent communication. Save all questions for the week for your check in zoom calls, and bring your Habibi Method training book to your call.

Adoption balances and training fees are refundable up until you are matched with your puppy

After that point, the puppy is yours and money is no longer refundable. Pup Academy Training is a service rendered and as such, is non-refundable.

Habibi Pup Academy Contract

Before your puppy can enter Pup Academy we will need a signed contract from you acknowledging our training program.

Please read through the linked document in order to view the full contract before signing the agreement.

Referenced documents: Habibi Pup Academy Contract