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We hold back the best and brightest candidates for future work as a therapy dog,  Medical Alert dog, Diabetic Alert dog, Autism and PTSD support.  If you are looking for a dog that can support you or a family member - or simply want to skip the initial phase of raising a puppy - our current students are here.  

Available Trained Puppies  

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Today's families have busy lives, and the thought of training a puppy can seem daunting for many-novice and experienced alike!  Adopting a puppy with a great foundation to potty training, obedience training and scheduling can make that happy ending with your puppy a reality!  Intuitively raised on an advanced puppy curriculum for Service, Therapy & ESA, PTSD, Diabetic Alert, Autism Support.  

Includes: Whole Puppy Starter Kit:  Crate, bell, blanket, training leash, toys, training schedule and Habibi Method™ training manual,  current homeopathic nosodes/vaccines, natural worming, and Gotcha Day Groom, lifelong support, go home support from trainer

DOB 6/22/22
Apricot Tuxedo
Curly Coat Featured before first Puppy Cut 
Est. Size 4-8 lbs  


Habibi Pup Academy:
10/30 - Poppy has completed 6 weeks training and is fully house trained, crate trained, knows her basic commands and is a gentle, sweet little puppy- wonderful with children, too.  She is so aware of her surroundings and brave and smart.   She will make a fantastic Therapy dog!  She is a fantastic travel companion as well- perfect for flying in cabin!
*Go home date depends on training - she is ready for specialized training in a week for those wanting Therapy/Service work.  

Placement Recommendations:
Assessment Results For Poppy
  • Therapy: Facility, Experienced
  • Psychiatric/Emotional Support: Kids & Adults
  • Pet Home: Retired, Kids, No Kids

Total Adoption Price: $3800 + 6 weeks training

*Prices for continued training here.

NOTE: To request puppy, fill out Request Form below with choices 1-3.  We will match up Paid Waiting List requests in the order of deposit date.  If we have an opening, there is an opportunity for new families to adopt, too! If you make the list, a puppy is not considered yours until we receive your application and deposit.

Assessment Notes:

Assertiveness: Approaches with politeness, crawls into lap or sits next to tester.  

Confidence: She is eager and happy to experience new things. Tail high and wagging,  keen interest and curiosity of new surroundings.  Enjoyed the challenge of the test

Motivation: He is highly motivated to please and be underfoot.  Wants nothing more than to work with you.  Pup works hard to understand what you want and maintains focus and interaction.

Resilience: Pup is relatively bomb proof and not bothered by much.

Energy: Low/Med-Has moments of faster movements but just as often will slow down. 

Sight and Sound: Low startle signs, or quickly startles and recovers in 3 seconds.

Human Focus/Environmental:  Puppy immediately seeks out tester for connection.  She stayed with the tester through the entire test.

Healing Style-Intuit™:  Intuits are easily imprinted by the energies and vibrations around them, positive and negative.  They may be overwhelmed by high emotions at first, and will hold space until help comes, or may seek assistance and support from other family members to assist in holding that space.

Dog Friendliness: Puppy approaches respectfully and was polite and interested in the other dog. Respects her place in the pack.

Learning Style-Praise & Hand Signals: Calmly mark all positive behavior, puppy will thrive on positive feedback.  Praiseneeds to be calm and balanced, firm vocal cues. High happy praise can over excite.  Beware of over stimulation when giving praise. Less is more- the use of body language and hand signals is recommended. 


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I can't believe our puppy came to us with schedule in place, crate trained and potty trained, let alone ringing a bell to potty, coming to her name and sitting!  It is a dream to be able to sleep through the night and work at home with a puppy so calm and adjusted.  I cannot thank you enough for all the incredible dedication you put into your dogs.  I am singing your praises,  and all my family and friends cannot believe this puppy is doing all the above at a young age.  THANK YOU!!!! 




See footage of our puppies in Pup Academy with Emily
 (also Hoku, who has been in service training for 5 months , now living in Hawaii  as a facility dog for a Psychologist  & our Therapy Dog  Betelgeuse)

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