Do you want a well behaved and enjoyable companion?  We all do!  That's why we all chose to have dogs in our lives.  But sometimes their behavior can be anything but tranquil!  A few simple lessons, a calm assertive leadership and you will discover you are well on the way to making that dream a reality!

Training a Habibi

Puppies are babies and they need to be taught how to behave in your home. From housebreaking to chewing, crying and jumping---puppies are a challenging work in progress! A well-trained dog is a joy to live with AND to everyone they meet. Not only is training great for the pup, but it is also training you how to properly interact with your new family member; creating a wonderful life-long bond. Training is not difficult, and can be a fun-filled family activity!  We created this page to address the basic issues with puppies, however we highly recommend subscribing to the Doggy Dan Online Trainer for indepth explainations and training with his method. 


DISCLAIMER: We are not professional trainers or training consultants

As breeders, we are naturally able to manage our pack with ease, and we  like to share what works for US in OUR homes.  If it doesn't work for you, it is important to find a method that does!   Over the years, we have discovered that some families find it difficult to train their dogs using our methods where others find it effortless.  While we can offer basic advice, without actually observing your interactions and body language we can only speculate. The pack dynamic of a family will specifically impact how quickly a puppy acclimates to it's new home.  This is why some puppies chew or bite more than others, have more accidents or cry for days-- while other families are able to control these puppy behaviors immediately.  It's about establishing pack order and treating a dog as a puppy---not a human baby.  Dogs become neurotic when they do not have boundaries or a pack leader to LEAD them, so please, if you are not successful on your own and need help, find a qualified trainer to come to your home and help you!   We believe in and endorse the Doggy Dan method of  positive reinforcement, using a reward-based approach.   We do not recommend over-doing it at first, as some methods can be too much for a pup, and cause them to burn out, which in turn can make a puppy display aggression or behavioral issues due to the stress.  So make it easy and enjoyable and try not to overdo it with too many commands or too many methods at once. 


WE cannot stress enough, the importance of training from an experienced professional or subscribing to the Doggy Dan Online Dog Training program.  His methods are excellent, simple to follow-- and they work. 


Rule #1  Establish Pack Leader

We find that every issue families seem to encounter all go back to one root cause.  They have not effectively established they are the PACK LEADER.  Folks, this is key, it is simple and requires no special talents.  The majority of common puppy complaints, from crying in the pen, to potty issues, barking or the all too common 'puppy nipping' ---are all related to one simple problem.  You haven't established who is boss.  Puppy is confused and needs to have strong, confident, and CALM leadership. It's so simple, a baby can do it, literally.


In fact, let our in house 'Baby Whisperer' demonstrate! 

5 Golden Rules to Establishing Pack Leader

A must have for any new puppy parent---The Doggy Dan 5 Golden Rules, available on his site.  We are hearing great things from our new families that follow his program! He has a plethora of videos to address the first days of bringing home a puppy, how to establish the Pack Leader and into adulthood.   A newer addition is his puppy Moses, where he follows their training from bringing him home at 8 weeks all the way through adulthood.   One family recently commented how well their puppy improved after they implemented the 5 golden rules---they were astonished at how quickly their puppy responded.  Most importantly is the fact that his method addresses animal psychology and how canines think and interact.  I recommend joining his online program and watching before your puppy comes home.  This way you can be equipped and prepared with a plan of action before anything happens.  Involve the kids, they will find it exciting to watch for training events.


Dan will teach you how to establish you are the Pack Leader, there is no intimidation, fear or aggression in his methods.  In our experience, we hvae found that his method has established a wonderful base for continued training with our dogs.  Many training programs miss this important piece, and while you can have a well trained dog, it can still have behavior issues.  That is where Dan shines.


Doggy Dan The Online Dog Trainer

Introduction to The Online Dog Training Courses with Doggy Dan

Bringing Home a Puppy

Walking on a leash

Training Videos we like that address most common puppy issues

Be sure to subscribe to the  Doggy Dan   youtube channel!

How to introduce another dog...

Dogs & Children...

Puppy Barking...

Helping your dog calm down...

Teaching Go-to-Bed...

Gentle Direction & Guidance...

Counter Training for Grooming...

Puppy Nipping...

This is what we do with all of our dogs, and it always works for us.  Be consistent and confident, calm and firm.  They always respond.  Families that are not able to establish a proper leadership role tend to have the most issues with puppies getting too wild and playful with the nipping.   The puppy is NOT being aggressive, it is just not understanding what you want.  When puppies get too wild with their nipping,  something you are doing is encouraging it to play rough.  Do not ever resort to hitting, yelling or playing tug of war with a puppy for things it should not be chewing.  You must remain calm , redirect to an appropriate chew toy, or if that doesn't work, time out in a pen.  LESS IS MORE

For families that are struggling with this issue on their own,  we  recommend calling in the help of a trainer to demonstrate to you HOW to properly and effectively teach your puppy. 


The video ended ubruptly do to technical glitch, but it is a GREAT method to help your puppy learn what is acceptable!  A quick ACK ACK does the trick for us!  Notice, these pups do not get rough with Juliette, this is because they already understand and respect she is the pack leader. 

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