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We are very excited to partner with Baxter & Bella to provide our puppy buyers with an amazing puppy training program!


We have worked very hard to start your puppy off on the right pay, and we know that tranasitional time for families can feel overwhelming. Many of you have been worreid you will undo all the pup's progress, and we hear you!

Baxter & Bella’s Online Puppy School provides a seamless transition from our home to yours, by educating you how to train and interact with your puppy to get the best possible results. Not only will you learn the skills you need to feel confident as a new puppy parent,  but your puppy will learn incredible manners and behaviors to build on the foundational work we have begun. Amy helps you set up your home, get your family all on the same page and teaches you exactly what to do the second your puppy arrives, and its all in bite sized chunks, that will not overwhelm you.  

As Baxter & Bella Partners, we can extend an additional 25% savings to our clients by using our code at checkout!

Use discount code: HABIBI25


What is included?

To start using the full power of Baxter & Bella, I highly recommend the one-time Lifetime Membership. Once a member, you will be given access to everything provided in their program.

This includes:

  • The flagship program: Puppy Prep - over 70 lessons with videos, charts, PDFs and easy to follow instructions to help you train your puppy!

  • LIVE! Office hours: One-on-one video calls with a professional trainer as many times as you want for your entire life! (NO EXTRA COST)

  • Ask the trainer: Tons of frequently asked questions…and answers at your fingertips

  • The Puppy Podcast: Listen in on the Baxter & Bella puppy training podcast

  • Pawsfit: Games, field trips, and activities to do with your puppy!

  • Puppy Parent Forum: discuss with other puppy parents and join the community!

  • Video Archives: Watch all the training lessons!

  • Resource Library: Tons of great articles and information!

What a treasure trove of information and training resources! I can't express the importance of starting your puppy off on the right foot from the first day home, as opposed to waiting to contact a trainer after bad behaviors have been established.  Our trainer here at Habibi Bears who we use for service training has expressed what a delight it is for her to have a puppy fresh from the breeder and free of any bad experiences she needs to undo.  Not to mention, the cost of one-on-one house calls for behavior modification can run upwards of $1000 a session with some trainers.  (We've heard stories from clients!) In the dog training world, there are many self proclaimed experts, but not everyone is cut out to help with puppy training, or behavior modification. Many trainers can make matters worse by addressing the issue inappropriately.   This is why I recommend Amy and Baxter & Bella 100%.  At Habibi Bears, we want to establish a lasting bond with our puppies and their families and we see the value in investing in proper training from the first day. 

Below are flyers that show you an example of what’s included in the program:


What is the Investment?

What is the investment?
Ok, for all that’s included in this program you are probably expecting an astronomical price. I mean, the one-on-one video calls are worth thousands when you consider the fact that each of their trainers has at least a 4 year degree and years of experience training dogs (and you can have unlimited calls!). Or, the Puppy Prep program…the amount of information is worth hundreds! Not to mention all the additional resources.

The cost is $238.00….unless you have a discount code for 25% off: HABIBI25
We are so excited that the kind folks at Baxter & Bella agreed to give us a discount code for our Habibi Families! Take 25% off your purchase of the Lifetime Membership using the code: HABIBI25  (all caps, no space) at checkout.

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