Due to increased safety and health risks,  we are now offering Virtual Visits during selection week for all adoptive families near and far to view the puppies and discuss their selection options.   


Entrance to our Kitchen

Welcome to our Home! At Habibi Bears, our puppies are raised on a proven advanced puppy curriculum. Our neonates are raised in a very climate-controlled environment that is supportive of dams caring for their young puppies. Once the puppies are weaned, they are moved to our kitchen, and the fun begins! The pups love being in the heart of our home, where they are exposed to all the activity of a busy household. Puppies have scheduled age-appropriate activities for each milestone!


I'm new to the breed. Can we come meet your puppies or view your facility?

We do not operate a kennel, our dogs are our family and are raised as pets, first. Our mission at Habibi Bears is to bring our puppies into the world lovingly, while honoring the well-being of our adult dogs.  We utilize a guardian program for our adult dogs, who are living their best lives in their guardian homes. As such, we do not have business hours for people to stop by and play with or meet our puppies, nor do we allow visits or tours of our home,  for the safety of our dogs and young puppies, as well as our family. 

We do provide Virtual Visit appointments during selection week by request for our adoptive families.  This is a fun and interactive way to personalize the process and chat about your choices while going over important questions.   As we focus on therapy placement, our selection process is essential in the proper placement of our puppies, and we enjoy getting to know our families on a personal basis.  My goal is to ensure we have the placement right the first time, and we have an excellent success rate in this department!  

With that being said,  we do have a rise in requests to visit our dogs in person. While we love nothing more than sharing our beloved Habibi Bears with everyone who asks,  due to increased safety issues and health risks (two separate incidents of families bringing parvo to our puppies, and a separate incident of  theft), we do not offer in person visits. to ensure our animal's and family's safety.    The resulting trauma both incidents created for not only us, but our waiting list-- caused me to come up with a PLAN B that would bridge the gap and still allow that personalized time for everyone!

Articles about Dog Flipping

Continued Education,  Training, and Virtual Visits!

As part of my on-going education and training with the Habibi Bear, I have been working on implementing some exciting new additions to our adoption process, both during and after puppy goes home.  We are developing a seminar series and live webinars where I will discuss different aspects of our breed, training and a Q & A session.   Watch for upcoming schedules!  This is an additional service that is provided for our Habibi Families, as a way to provide an additional personal touch and help in preparing our families for success.

Once you have completed the pre-screening process and have submitted your deposit, we will add you to the list and contact you when we have a litter you can select from. When you are ready to choose your puppy, we post videos and pictures of the litters and work with your to help in your selection.  All appointments are available during selection week, please feel free to request an appointment!  I love seeing your smiling faces :)   This option helps bridge the gap for long distance families while keeping our puppies safe from harm's way.   As the majority of my families are awaiting service, therapy and emotional support dogs, it is important for us to be mindful of any potential issues that could cause unnecessary trauma.  Many diseases such as Parvo can wipe out an entire breeding program in the blink of an eye,  and can be unknowingly carried in on clothing of any visitor. Our dogs live in our homes instead of a kennel facility, so it makes it even more challenging to maintain a healthy disease-free environment.


Appointments are scheduled during selection week

Please, limit your visit to no more than 20 minutes. Puppies at young ages need a lot of rest and tire quickly, so we like to have a little time in-between appointments for the babies to recharge!  It's a big day for them to entertain new families! When we send the puppy home, we will send a handmade blanket with mom's and littermate's  scent on it! 

Our Habibi Bear families always appreciate the extra steps we take with the welfare of the puppies and understand that when their litter arrives, the same protection will take place for their own baby.   Some people don't understand why we are so overly protective and that is also fine, there are plenty of puppies advertised in the newspaper or available at shelters and pet shops to visit----we may not be the breeder for them!  It is the utmost importance to us to keep our puppies healthy so they can have long happy lives with their new families! 

While visiting our site and Instagram, you will see many pictures of puppies in our home, in the whelping areas,  puppy areas, nursery, yard etc-- we are very transparent with our process and happenings here.   This is to give everyone a glimpse at how our puppies are raised and where they live. Our animals' best interests are at heart, and we hope everyone will understand that in taking these simple precautions, we will ensure the health and well being of their new puppy! We are very blessed to be working with such amazing families, and it is a joy to raise these puppies for you! 

Looking forward to meeting you soon!