Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and our Habibi Bears. Habibi Bears were developed in 1989, exclusively for my students with special needs. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We provide hand-delivery service to our  PNW Families in Northern Oregon, ID and Wa! Once you read through these About Pages,  click over to the 'How to Adopt' Tab and that will walk you through the process of joining our waiting list.


Thank you for your interest in our breeding program, We are so happy you have found our beloved bears.  Our story is an exciting  journey, and we have put together the pages under this drop down menu so you can learn about us, our breeding philosophy and of course the  Habibi Bear!  We feel we are not  simply a breeder, but the ambassador for our breed.  The Habibi breed was developed by Julie, for her private tutoring students who were in need of a service or emotional support dog.   Today,  the breed is meticulously raised and cared for by our families.     Julie has a background working with gifted and learning disabled students.    She has been involved in  training and exhibiting dogs in the show ring before transitioning to developing the Habibi for her students who were in need of a special therapy dog.  We  have a passion for raising healthy happy puppies and our focus is on intensive socialization and empowering each puppy to feel safe and confident  using our Habibi socialization and puppy curriculum.   We leave no stone unturned,  and we are very OCD when it comes to raising healthy puppies.  We utilize a Guardian Home program for many of our adult dogs, and we are blessed to have family and friends who are equally dedicated to their dogs in our breeding program.   Julie oversees all the breedings and socialization program, and her husband handles the hand deliveries.  This is truly a family affair!  



This site is the culmination of over 30 years  experience in animal husbandry, canine genetics and socialization techniques. Our dogs have taught us so much, and made us better human beings in the process. It is amazing what humans can learn from the animal world when we take the time to let them teach us. With each experience and lesson learned, we have added more info to our site.  It has evolved from a one-page site to keep in touch with our long-distance families, to the online reference it is today. Many families have told us that our site is so much more than just a breeder's site, it is their BIBLE on raising  a puppy. What a compliment!  

Getting to know us is an important first step in choosing your breeder, and we hope these pages on our site will help you in that process. Our little Habibi Bears are an endearing breed, and once you own one, we consider you family! Due to the limited availability, our waiting list can be a year out, but our dogs are truly worth the wait!  

We are small, exclusive and cater to our adoptive families with a high level of attention.

As a small private breeder, our primary clients are referrals and we rarely have puppies available outside of our circle of client referrals.  We  cater to families that recognize the importance of a holistically raised, quality puppy from a responsible and ethical  breeder.  While we absolutely could 'go big' and sell puppies all day long, this is not, nor has ever been, our goal.  We enjoy building lasting relationships with our adoptive families and we intend to keep it that way!


Our dogs maintain a sweet puppy look their entire life! How cute is that? Every day we hear comments that our dogs are too cute to be real, and we have to agree! Habibi Bears are living Teddy Bears, and make the perfect companion for families. We are passionate about dogs and have a love-affair with our beloved Habibi Bears! They are a hybrid breed which we lovingly created to exemplify the very best in hybrid vigor, while perfecting what we feel is the BEST companion breed. 

"Our primary goal is in bringing children and adults
with disabilities together with their own service dog"


We strive to develop our breed while maintaining high standards in placing our puppies with excellent homes who will honor them as we do.  We feel it is our responsibility to ensure every puppy we produce is loved and cared for by their forever family.  We take the extra time to make this happen.  From A-Z, we have a detailed process we follow with each family.  We begin the journey with an application  to pre-screen families and choose the very best to join our waiting list.   

Well Laid Plans

Once a family has joined the waiting list, they are sent a Welcome preparation email with details on our process, what to prepare for, study and  purchase while they are waiting for their selection time to come.  At this time, we ask for our families to plan their training schedule for their dog, and highly recommend interviewing and selecting the trainer you will be working with, so you get your puppy off to a fantastic start.  Our trainer at Habibi Bears always says she loves working with puppies BEFORE the family has established bad behaviors that she has to unteach before she can begin the training. For the majority of our families this is not an issue, as you are going to be training your puppy for service, therapy or facility work.  However the families who are primarily adopting a pet, please do not under-value the importance of training and working with a qualified professional.  

We plan puppy selection days for each litter after we have completed personality testing.  Every litter has a delivery weekend planned around 8-10 weeks, in which we hand-deliver each puppy to their new family, and we can go over any questions and the puppy instructions personally. Every litter's waiting list enjoys a pre-planned  schedule--from birth to selection day to delivery day, we have it all mapped out and guide you each step of the way as you prepare for your new family member.


We believe our puppies are healing hearts and are an extension of us.  We pour our hearts and souls into every puppy, ensuring their beginnings are reinforcing trust, love and faith that the world truly is a loving place.  Our puppies have never experienced mis-handling or negative experiences that can cause them to fear humans.  We believe in lasting, lifetime relationships with our adoptive families.  We are an exclusive breeder that pre-plans every litter around a waiting list of pre-approved families, and we have never advertised our puppies.  We have a strong referral network of Doctors, families and teachers who have experienced first hand the power of the bond between our puppies and their humans.  What does this mean to our prospective families?  This means that when you are approved for our waiting list, you are now part of OUR family.  We spend individualized time with you to help you choose the correct puppy for your home, through our thorough assessment process.   We do this for the love of our breed and the joy our dogs bring to our families. 



A Family Affair
Our puppies are raised  right in the middle of all the activities of a busy family life. They are exposed to everything from children and other dogs, to the sounds of dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and the typical hustle and bustle of family home life!  Our children and grandchildren have grown up with our dogs, and each have a special area of expertise; helping with socialization,  cleaning and bathing day, photo and video shoots and  office work.   

About our Socialization Program

Every puppy is held, kissed and snuggled throughout the day, using our successful socialization program, we call the Habibi Method, essentially Montessori for puppies!

This ensures our puppies have developed strong bonding instincts with humans!  After twenty years, we have learned through trial and error the best system to raise loving, friendly and happy puppies for families, and we look forward to helping you find your new best friend.  Our puppies have an amazing head start to life as the have been introduced to our unique socialization and training program that you can continue in your home.  We offer recommendations for continued training and our puppies are known for being extremely intuitive and operant.   They are all introduced to litter box training, crates, and our training program.  


Our unique lines have been lovingly produced since 1989

With a study on hybrid vigor and closely monitoring each litter, we have carefully selected the perfect breeding pairs which will compliment each other's qualities and produce exquisite puppies.  In 2010 we added new colors to our lines, the Confetti and Chocolate coloration, so our Habibi Bears come in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.  


In searching for the perfect name, we wanted to choose something which reflects the emotion we feel for these very beloved puppies, yet something that also describes their eternal puppy-like Teddy Bear appearance.  We chose the Arabic word, Habibi, as it means 'my beloved'.  No better word could describe our beautiful breed!   We are thrilled to introduce the ORIGINAL Habibi Bear!    


"We have carefully chosen the very best dogs

to exemplify our lovely breed, the Habibi Bear."


Welcome to Habibi Bears, Home of the  Habibi Bear

Julie & Family


 We hope you enjoy meeting us and our Habibi Bears, 

 its been an exciting journey and the friendships 

 we have made through our Habibi Bears are priceless.