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Parent Adoption Questionnaire

 If you feel one of our Habibi Bear puppies is the right breed for you, please tell us a little about your family by filling out the form below. 

Our Selection Process had an upgrade!  

 Please think over the decision to adopt a puppy carefully as it is a commitment of many years.  It is our desire that every one of our babies have forever homes that are perfect for their individual needs and gifts. In submitting your application, you are indicating you have read over and consent to our Terms.

Please fill in the form below in its entirety.  Your first step in the process to adopting a Habibi Bear is to submit this application so we know how best we can assist your family. After an initial interview and approval, a non-refundable reservation fee is required to join the waiting list, and can be submitted on our site. 

It is at this time we ask for serious inquiries only. 

Habibi Bears Owner Adoption Questionnaire

Choosing a dog can be a difficult process, and personality, natural inclinations and gifts has to be taken into consideration.
We want you and your puppy to be a match made in heaven! This is why this Owner Questionnaire has been designed, to help us pair you up with exactly the right puppy for your family.

Can I choose my puppy?  
Ultimately we work together on this process, so we can recommend the best options for your needs.  
Puppies are like babies – they eat, they play and then they spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact, they are very likely to be asleep just when you are trying to decide which one is right for you. Because we raise your puppy as part of our family, we get to see them when they are wide awake and their personality is showing itself. We also keenly observe their behavior, and conduct assessments at such times that help us further understand their character.

How will the Questionnaire help me get the right puppy?
Our assessment records many different traits, reactions and learning/healing style of our puppies so we can get to know who they are and their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Some traits are stable some are changeable, meaning environment plays a huge part.  This can be determined as a puppy, and each temperament has homes and lifestyles that suit them best.  By understanding your home life and family needs, we can match you to the perfect fit!

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