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Guardian Program

Because Dogs Thrive When They’re Part of Our Pack

Always in a home

Guardian Home for Dogs

Our parent dogs are the heart of our breeding program and their health and well-being is our first priority.  At Habibi Bears, we utilize a unique Guardian Home program so our dogs all have the opportunity to live their best lives as a family member in their own homes.  When it comes to breeding and whelping litter, the dogs either come to us, or in some instances we have a VIP dog Guardian Home trained to raise the litters on our Advanced Puppy Curriculum until 6 -7 weeks of age, and then come to us when they are weaned and ready for assessments and training.

Guardian Homes

A Guardian home for dogs is a permanent home for one of our breeding girls or boys. As ALL our dogs are family members, it is necessary to have Guardian homes to allow us to expand our breeding program. 

Our Forever Family Guardian Opportunities!

At Habibi Bears, we are very selective on who we allow to become part of our Forever Family Guardian Program. If you are a responsible pet owner this may be an option for you!

What is a dog Guardian Home?

A Forever Family takes possession of their puppy (or dog), and Habibi Bears retains breeding rights to the dog, with the understanding that this dog will be a permanent member of their family. The puppy comes at a reduced adoption fee to the family, with only the cost to maintain feeding, regular veterinary care of their Habibi Bear. (All veterinary costs associated with reproductive care are paid for by Habibi Bears.) In return, the family signs a contract, agreeing their dog will be a part of the Habibi Bears breeding program and must be made available to us for breeding, visits and whelping litters. Most of the Habibi Bears available will be females, and occasionally a male.

Guardian families receive a FREE puppy, while we retain the breeding rights of our dogs. After the breeding period is over, we will pay for spay or neuter and the dog will be the Guardian family's forever pet. We believe that all dogs deserve to be part of their own family and never housed outdoors. Because we do not have a kennel based program we simply can not house all the puppies/dogs that we would like to keep as part of our breeding program. We want our dogs to have the best and in turn our customers will have a happy, healthy and well-socialized puppy.

Is there a cost for a dog Guardian Home?

We do not charge for our Guardian Home dogs, and ask that Guardian families to follow all of our protocols, then we will determine length of contract. Guardians will be responsible for the usual cost of the daily care, annual well visits and maintenance of their pet. This includes, feeding required dog food, and necessary supplements for the needs of their particular Habibi Bear, attend professional training classes, etc.   We ask our homes to make the dog available for photo shoots, necessary testing,  and to keep the dog in its natural coat (no haircuts other than sanitary groom) until the pup has reached 6 months old.  After that, we do require all dogs to be well groomed and maintained in our official Habibi Bear haircut.  It is a given that you would also provide the love, care and consideration that would be given any pet dog in your ownership.

Benefits to being a Guardian home for dogs:

Your family will be receiving the best puppy that represents the breed chosen by the breeder.

  • Spay/neutering paid for when breeding is completed.
  • Guardian families can schedule vacations during breedings/whelpings without worry or cost of kenneling their pets. 
  • If the Guardian family decides to obtain another puppy from us, they may get the second puppy at a reduced rate if it is to be used in our breeding program under our terms.
  • The Guardian Family becomes part of sharing the steps of breeding, watching their dog's puppies grow and being placed in loving forever homes without all the work.
  • Males stay with their Guardian families and are only brought to the females to breed.

What families make the “ideal” Guardian home for dogs?

  • You must have a family member who is home at least part of the day.

  • You must be willing to feed the recommended food and follow basic health care, veterinarian care, such as maintaining homeopathic nosode/limited vaccine schedules as well as take the puppy to at least one 6 week obedience training course.
  • No other intact dogs should ever be on the premises to prevent unwanted mating. Families MUST agree NOT to allow their Habibi Bear to be bred to any other dog. If we find that one of our boys or girls have been bred outside of our breeding program, we reserve the right to repossess the dog.
  • We may request to do a home visit and require you live within 2 hrs. of our main home. If you have a female that will give birth in our home we ask that you bring your puppy to visit us occasionally so that she is comfortable with us during her stays while whelping and weaning her pups.
  • Must have a fenced in yard and own your own home.
  • The puppy must be raised indoors and never left outside unattended, for obvious reasons.
  • We require the dog to be professionally groomed and kept in the Teddy Bear cut.  NO shaved cuts
  • When the female is in season, the Guardian family is required to contact us immediately so that arrangements can be made for breeding.  We ask that Guardian families keep us updated on the puppy which would include photos every 3 months as they are growing, (more if you like to share!) so that we may keep our website updated.
  • You must be willing to bring or meet us for the health testing appointments, paid for by us.

When does the Guardian Home bring their dog to us?

The female will return to our home for breeding and then again a week before her due date, staying  for 6-7 weeks to whelp each litter. (This is imperative as we have a very specific socialization program and visitation process for our waiting lists, so all litters must be raised in our home.)  She will complete her mom career typically at four or five years of age.  

A male will need to be made available to Habibi Bears, LLC for breeding. He will be kept for a few days to a week at a time, for stud. In certain situations, we will bring our female to the stud dog's home for breeding. A male may complete his career on an individual case basis.   

Some of our forever families enjoy being part of the birthing process, and have enjoyed being able to share the joy of birth without the huge commitment involved in screening families or all that is required of running a responsible breeding program!

Forever Families need perfect character and vet references, should be permanently residing within two hours of Habibi Bears, be available to provide their female dog during their season for breeding, and be aware of the signs of a female coming into season. Males will be made available for breeding at different times throughout the year.  

Guardian Program

Do you think you would make a good Forever Guardian Home for dogs?

If you feel you would like to be part of our breeding program as a dog Guardian Home Family, please click on the button below and take a moment to fill out the form.  Please keep in mind that we are located in Eastern WA and will require dogs to be within 2 hours driving distance, unless you are willing to bring your dog to us from a further distance.

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