Habibi Bears

34+ Years of Healthy Dogs & Happy Families

Our Story 

The legacy of the habibi bear, the beloved teddy bear breed developed exclusively for service & therapy 

Arabic is the most common language of the Mediterranean Region, and where the breed's name originates!  
"Habibi", a term of endearment that means, "my beloved", and "Bear" for it's  fluffy, teddy bear-like look.

Our Habibi Bear is a distant descendant of the Bichon Family, a breed that was believed to originate from the Mediterranean.  They were the result of natural hybridization by local dogs breeding with little dogs brought to the area by sailors.  Over the centuries, the Bichon Family has grown to include many breeds with a similar story and background, including Coton de Tulear, Havanese and Maltese.  While these fables are based in speculation, the Habibi Bear is  the only line that has been carefully developed without ANY inbreeding to destroy it's genetic diversity. As a teddy bear dog breeder, the Habibi is the result of mindful hybridization and the science of population genetics, to create a breed that will excel for service and therapy work.

The Habibi Bear is a beautiful dog that is non-shedding, allergy-friendly and comes in a kaleidoscope of colors; available in three sizes.  For  30+ years our beautiful lines have been painstakingly developed with a small handful of litters each year to closely monitor and record what we have produced. This unique breeding of exceptional quality dogs has been shared only amongst close friends and family members, and available to select homes.  As an exclusive service dog breeder, you will not find our line of Habibi Bears in local newspapers or sold to brokers or outsiders wishing to breed them. We’re the best teddy bear dog breeder there is. Habibi Bears are carefully designed to remain a viable and healthy breed for years to come.  We remain dedicated to continuing the line and maintaining it as it has been for over a quarter of a century.

Today, we are still small, exclusive and family run. We place our puppies with discriminating families, catering to those expecting nothing less than a well bred puppy.  
As a service dog breeder, we consistently produce sound, intelligent, puppies with strong bonding instincts, that fill the role of therapy and service dogs. Each pup we raise has the essential elements and instincts to make them loving family companions and unparalleled Emotional Support and Diabetic Alert Dogs. To us, proper breeding is much like creating a rare and unique piece of art. This is a purposeful pursuit out of love for the unique characteristics found in our line of Habibi Bears.

We welcome you to browse the pages of our site, where you will begin to understand why the Habibi Bear is so different. Live with one and you will most certainly appreciate everything they are, and the people who began this line, one carefully bred litter at a time........

the Habibi Bear Promise 

Passionate about dogs. Dedicated to our clients.

We're a team of dedicated professionals who love these Habibi Bears as much as they love us! We are committed to excellence and integrity as the best teddy bear dog breeder around. Our goal is to provide you with the best service, training guidance and care for your puppy while promoting positive behavior and development through our positive reinforcement training methods. We serve our community providing them with unmatched support so that they can live happier, healthier lives.

What's a Habibi Bear, you ask?

Learn about our breed, and the three sizes available.


Read about the history of our breed and how it was developed.

Hybrid Vigor

Learn about our wide, genetically diverse gene pool!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? This page is a great place to start!

Guardian Home Program

Our parent dogs live high vibe lives, that’s the Habibi Way!

Colors of the Rainbow

A quick lesson in colors and patterns of our breed.  We have over 25 varieties!

Pup Start Training

An in-house kindergarten program to provide a head start in training with the early transitions of bringing home a puppy.  

The Habibi Method

Your Codex to learning how to lead with love. Don't Outsource Your Training - Learn to Lead with Love!

The Puppy Parenting Coach  

"Anyone can train their dogs-we simply need a solid program to follow and someone to cheer us on!" ~Julie, The Puppy Parenting Coach

Natural Rearing

We practice Natural Rearing and Breeding which means: vaccinating per the Dr. Schultz protocols, natural flea, tick, heartworm care, no lawn and yard chemicals, no toxic chemicals in our homes—we use all natural and essential oils for cleaning—and above all feeding a high quality, species appropriate diet. New to this movement? Read on...

developing a dog with a special purpose & A PROGRAM TO SUPPORT THEM

I’m Julie, the guardian of Habibi Bear dogs and steward of the Habibi Method.  For many years, my mission has been to raise dogs with a special affinity for children who need emotional support. This is how I found myself creating healing relationships between people and dogs—and exploring new possibilities for the human-dog connection in Autism and trauma therapy.  By reframing the way we perceive our dogs—from pets to partners in life —I have developed my Habibi Method, which provides deep guidance for clients who wish to create stronger bonds with their dog. 

With an emphasis on the healing power of the human-dog connection, we have developed our unique therapy dog program where our Habibi Bears are naturally assisting in doctor's offices, classrooms, nursing homes, hospitals, courtrooms - and even disaster sites.  The sky is the limit for these dogs, and we are dedicated to nurturing their unique gifts and matching them to the family that is meant for each one.  This process takes time, and I'm ok with that!

Our Naturally Reared dogs are vitally healthy and have a wide gene pool with no inbreeding. Being the guardian of these beautiful teddy bear dogs is a role I take seriously. My Habibi Bears are not available elsewhere, to ensure we remain aligned to our ultimate purpose and high standard of ethics. It's my goal to advocate for a neutral practice in the world of dog breeding, so the individual dog and its unique characteristics are valued for what it brings to the table, instead of being stigmatized for not meeting  breed club criteria that supports the antiquated notion of 'breed purity".  Imagine a world where our beloved companions are free of scientific racism, and "superior strain" mentality!  

In the beginning I told myself I would do this as long as it still lights me up inside and there is a calling for my dogs.  Here I am years later, and I’m still having a ball, and our network is now international.  Every Habibi Bear amazes me with their uncanny ability to connect to people's hearts. It’s an honor to be the guardian of these special little teddy bears, and be part of something quite magical between the hearts of human and dog.

I am in awe of dogs and the gift they offer us as our conscious companions. May you see and appreciate the magic inherent to your relationship with your dog.

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