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Habibi Bears

34+ Years of Healthy Dogs & Happy Families

Our Story

The legacy of habibi bears, the beloved teddy bear breed developed exclusively for Emotional Support  & therapy 

At Habibi Bears, the heart of our mission shines through the name itself, a name that's synonymous with love and affection. 'HABIBI', a nod to our Egyptian roots, is a warm Arabic word that means 'my love' or 'sweetheart'. It's a term that's all about endearment, caring, and deep connection. And then there's 'BEAR', chosen for the irresistible teddy bear look that our dogs are known for – cuddly, soft, and just waiting for a hug.  Every aspect of our breed is infused with this spirit of love and the desire to heal. It's not just about creating a pet; it's about fostering a companion that will bring joy, comfort, and a sense of well-being into your home. So, when you hear 'Habibi Bear' – it's a promise of love, a symbol of the cherished bond between you and your dog. 

 These dogs are part of a legacy that goes way back to the Bichon Frisé family from the Mediterranean. Picture this: sailors traveling with their furry friends, who then mingled with the local dogs, leading to the Bichon family tree that includes breeds like the Coton de Tulear and the Maltese. 

But our Habibi Bears? They're a modern twist on that story. We've carefully bred them with a clear purpose and the aid of modern science: to be healthy companions for those in need of a little extra love and support. They're also allergy-friendly, don't shed, and come in a bunch of colors and sizes. 

Since 1989, we've been all about quality over quantity, with just a few litters each year. This way, we ensure that each Habibi Bear is as perfect as can be, and we only share them with folks who'll cherish them as much as we do. We're pretty selective about where our puppies end up because we're dedicated to keeping our breed as healthy and happy as ever. Our little ones are smart, have a natural ability to bond, and are just waiting to become someone's emotional support or therapy dog – or simply a beloved pet. 

At Habibi Bears, we see breeding as an art form, pouring our hearts into each litter. If you're curious for more, or ready to discuss your unique needs, don't hesitate to reach out today. We're here to find the perfect match for you and your family

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the Habibi Bear Promise

Passionate about dogs. Dedicated to our clients.

We're a team of dedicated professionals who love our dogs as much as they love us! We are committed to excellence and integrity as the best teddy bear dog breeder around. Our goal is to provide you with the best service, training guidance and care for your puppy while promoting positive behavior and development through our positive reinforcement training methods. We serve our community providing them with unmatched support so that they can live happier, healthier lives.
Mini habibi Bear teddy bear puppies for sale

What's a Habibi Bear, you ask?

Learn about our breed, and the three sizes available.

Mini habibi Bear Mini Teddy Bear puppies for sale

Hannah's Heart Foundation 

Read about our mission and who the Habibi was developed for.  Learn about our Courtoom Facility program and nominate a needy child to receive a support dog.

Mini habibi Bear Mini Teddy Bear puppies for sale

Hybrid Vigor

Learn about our wide, genetically diverse gene pool!

Mini Teddy Bear Habibi Bear Puppies for sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? This page is a great place to start!

Standard Teddy Bear Habibi Bear Puppies for sale

Guardian Home Program

Our parent dogs live high vibe lives, that’s the Habibi Way!

Teacup Teddy Bear Habibi Bear Puppies for sale

Colors of the Rainbow

A quick lesson in colors and patterns of our breed.  We have over 25 varieties!

Apricot  Habibi Bear Teddy Bear Puppy

Puppy Charm School

An in-house kindergarten program to provide a head start in training with the early transitions of bringing home a puppy.  

habibi bears training program http://www.habibibears.com

The Habibi Method

Your Codex to learning how to lead with love. Don't Outsource Your Training - Learn to Lead with Love!

Trained Habibi Bear teddy Bear puppies for sale www.habibiberars.com

The Puppy Parenting Coach

"Anyone can train their dogs-we simply need a solid program to follow and someone to cheer us on!" ~Julie, The Puppy Parenting Coach

Natural Rearing

We practice holistic care for our dogs,  which means: vaccinating per the Dr. Schultz & Dr Dodd's protocols, titer testing, natural flea, tick, heartworm care, no lawn and yard chemicals, no toxic chemicals in our homes—and above all feeding a high quality, species appropriate diet. New to this movement? Read on...

Developing a Dog with a special purpose and a program to support them

Hello! I'm Julie, the devoted guardian of Habibi Bear dogs and the pioneer of the Habibi Method. My life's calling is to raise dogs that form heartfelt connections with children who require emotional companionship. It's been a fulfilling path, building meaningful relationships between individuals and dogs, and discovering new avenues for the human-dog bond in therapy, particularly for Autism and trauma.
The Habibi Method is more than a set of practices; it's a journey toward a profound partnership with your dog, emphasizing the healing nature of our relationships with these compassionate creatures.
Our Habibi Bears are not ordinary dogs; they serve as comforters and helpers in various therapeutic and care environments. Each one possesses a natural aptitude for healing, and our goal is to cultivate this and ensure they find a home where their gifts can flourish. We approach this with dedication and care, knowing that the right match is worth the wait.
Each Habibi Bear is the result of health-conscious breeding, ensuring a robust gene pool and vital well-being. They are exclusive to our program, a testament to our adherence to the highest standards of ethics and our commitment to our foundational mission.
My journey with these dogs began out of a passion for their unique role in our lives and the recognition of their therapeutic potential. Decades on, that passion is still the heart of our global community. Each Habibi Dog continues to amaze me with their remarkable ability to open hearts and bring joy. Serving as their caretaker is more than a role; it's a part of who I am, and it's deeply rewarding to be part of something that so beautifully connects the hearts of humans and dogs.

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