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Natural Rearing

Thriving Dogs Provide the Best Support to their Families

Our Philosophy

After years of puppy rearing and hearing from our families about reactions from over-vaccinating, and health issues from the chemicals and pesticides given for flea and tick control in conventional veterinary care, we knew we needed to do better for dogs.

 modified Vaccination Schedule 

No Flea, Tick, or Heartworm Chemicals

No Lawn & Yard Chemicals

natural cleaning products

Feeding quality

This page is dedicated to one of our beloved Habibi Bear families, the Conways, and their Belle. She will always be in our hearts. May her story help  bring awareness to this issue and prevent another tragic death.  Belle developed severe irreversible health issues resulting from over vaccination and flea & tick treatments that lead to her very untimely death.  Her family's wish is to share her story so others don't have to experience the tragedy of their beloved companion suffering from the same tragedy.


We practice Natural Rearing and Breeding which means: minimal  vaccinations,  flea, tick & heartworm chemicals, no lawn and yard chemicals, no toxic chemicals in our homes (we use all natural and essential oils for cleaning), and above all feeding a species appropriate diet.  

Sadly, every year perfectly healthy puppies have been vaccine-damaged, some leading to death, after receiving the multi-dose cocktails administered by their veterinarians. This doesn't have to happen, and there is a wonderful alternative!  

When it comes to puppy rearing, we choose to raise our dogs with a holistic natural approach, to give them the best, high-vibrational lives possible! We focus on feeding a high quality diet to our lovely companions, including supplements and immune supporting preventative care, and providing a safe, chemical-free environment, complete with naturopathic and homeopathic preventative care.
The results are miraculous, and the more we focus on the whole dog and supporting their immune system holistically, the more we are amazed at how vitally healthy they are! 

We believe that today’s dogs are overloaded with chemicals and toxic poisons and this causes cancer, epilepsy and autoimmune disorders including hypothyroidism, allergies, joint disease, digestive issues and parasite loads.  
Proper care in puppy rearing results in healthy, long-lived animals and minimal veterinary bills. Our precious puppies are also raised naturally, and this consists of a variety of homeopathic practices, starting from healthy parents, and fed a mixture raw food and premium kibble, in order to approximate a natural diet as closely as possible.

We avoid the over-use of allopathic medicines they suppress symptoms and create chronic disease. We also ensure our puppies are naturally weaned so they receive  immunity through their mother’s milk while their immune systems are fragile and still developing. 

To begin, you will find many tips here for puppy rearing, as well as links to invaluable resources to further your research. If, after browsing our site, you would like to learn more about our natural-care philosophy, please reach out!

“Let food be thy medicine
& medicine be thy food”

What Hippocrates—the father of modern medicine—said thousands of years ago, still holds true today. When it comes to puppy rearing, we feed our puppies a holistic diet of raw combined with dry food from pawTree.

Recommended Food

We feed our puppies a holistic diet of raw combined with dry food.  
The formulas we recommend are:

• Paw Tree: Chicken or Turkey & Brown Rice or Oatmeal or
 Life's Abundance all life stages or puppy

• Natural De-wormer: healthy dogs are not good hosts for parasites. Our puppies have fecals done before leaving We use a natural de-wormer.

 QRF Detox K9 and Rampart K9: supplement to support the immune system, or detox your pet if having issues with allergies or medication. We recommend having these in your medicine cabinet to support your pup when medicating or vaccinating.

About Vaccinations

With puppy rearing, our Habibi Bears are given the best start to life by providing a modified protocol and titer testing following the Dr. Schultz safe vaccine protocols (read slideshow below). Over vaccination leads to many health problems including cancer, arthritis, bowel issues, allergies, skin issues, behavioral problems and more. Every vaccine has the potential to kill your puppy or cause a lifetime of misery due to chronic disease so it is important that vaccines are given minimally and only for diseases that are prevalent and for which there is no effective cure. The vaccine must also work to prevent that particular disease (which is not the case in many circumstances).

Immunity Support
Vaccines are not the only way to provide immunization, in fact Homeopathic Nosodes for dogs combined with gradual exposure of your puppy to the environment along with a quality diet are an excellent support to providing him with the immunity he needs to resist disease. It is important to remember that vaccines do not immunize: they sensitize. The reality is, over-vaccinating can  over-sensitize and the dog becomes sensitized not only to the virus injected, but to his own body tissues as well. This is auto-immune disease and the very real consequence to modified live vaccines.  
We recommend using immune support and detox with any vaccines, followed by titer testing for immunity to arm yourself with knowledge instead of vaccinating when unnecessary.



the immune support trinity

It’s important to know that you can create  immunity naturally too, without harmful side effects. That makes everybody happy! Following a homeopathic approach, using Nosodes for dogs and an immune supplement, containing transfer factors, that supply the puppy's immune system with unparalleled support is an option for many families. This is part of  the Immune Support Trinity,  from Dr. Will Falconer DVM. His protocol is included in our Habibi U area.  


Dr. Schultz’s  Modified  Vaccine Schedule

Per Dr. Shultz's immunology research,  he discovered the optimal age for vaccines efficacy - 16 weeks. (see slideshow below)  

 It is essential that only one vaccine is given at a time, not 5 or 7 as is commonly done. The more vaccines given at once, the greater the risk of vaccine associated damage: including catching the very disease that you are trying to vaccinate against.
To learn more, here is a great Article about the Schultz Research 

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