A purpose bred dog 
for a purpose led life

Join our Habibi Bear tribe and enter a magical place where healing hearts is our mission. Our purpose-bred Habibi Bears are created, raised & trained by us to provide life giving assistance to those in need while we provide unparalleled mentoring & support to each of our families. 

Exclusively Available to Approved Homes for:
Companion . Therapy . Service . Autism Support . Diabetic & Medical Alert

Extensive Health Testing


for service therapy & pet

Training programs


purpose-bred dogs 

created by Dog Behaviorist


Habibi Bears
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What better gift than the gift of unconditional love.  Here at Habibi Bears, we are making it our mission to help more families experience the healing power of a Habibi Bear puppy in your home!  For a limited time only, we are offering the biggest discount ever with an exclusive Christmas Pup Academy training package with FREE Christmas Eve Delivery to Seattle & Portland, too! 

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One week free training ($680 value) with the purchase of 3 or more weeks
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*promotion not to be combined with any other promotions.  One per family

Fostering Connection


Our Cause: Hannah's Heart

 Our little dogs have been developed and raised for a very special purpose, to provide life-saving support to individuals living with disabilities, experienced trauma, or in need of  facility therapy dog.  Learn more about our cause and how you can be part of the movement!

habibi bears: Available Puppies

View our current availability. Want to avoid the stresses of training a new puppy? We begin their foundational training in our academy and create a personalized training plan for you to work with at home, under our guidance with our ground-breaking hybrid training program.

pup academy

 Habibi Pup Academy provides training for your puppy, at the level you need. Whether basic training for companion or all the way through to a fully trained service dog, we have you covered with training and support!

The healing power of a Habibi Bear in your home

a breed developed with your family in mind

Imagine an endearing little dog that has magical powers! Ok, maybe not the Hogwarts kind of magic, but a truly heart-warming, life-changing  kind of magic. The kind of magic that will heal hearts, transform lives....all while being a healthy, genetically diverse breed with health tested lines, and allergy friendly to boot. Not to mention, too cute to be real.
Does this sound like the dog you have been dreaming of? Developed with the aid of science, utilizing modern genetic testing to carefully select our breeding lines that will produce offspring that are healthy and made for service work. Raised on a puppy curriculum and enriching home environment, and finally trained by an expert Canine Behaviorist who empowers them through every milestone, imprinting them with loving positive experiences. Our puppies are developed exclusively for families needing Emotional Support, Service, Therapy dogs, as well as for teachers looking for a well tempered dog to work in the classroom. We have a 30+  year track record of producing and training healthy dogs who not only make the perfect family pet, but are incredible support dogs who thrive working their purpose! Our families love their Habibi Bears and can't imagine their lives without them.

meet your puppy matchmakers

You really can have the dog of your dreams! At Habibi Bears, it's our goal to match each puppy to it's perfect family.  

Our mission at Habibi Bears is to produce empathic, intuitive, allergy-friendly puppies for individuals and families that are challenged by disabilities. Unlike many service dogs that were purchased from a breeder or rescue and then trained, our breed was DEVELOPED for this purpose by us.  We took our clients needs into consideration as we developed this magical breed.  From health-tested parents to non-shedding coats, the Habibi Bear was created exclusively for our families and their unique requirements. 

With over 30 years of carefully combining  the best temperaments and qualities, every litter is lovingly raised using our tried-and-true advanced puppy curriculum,  and then transitioned to our certified trainer's home.  She works with the puppies to expertly handle the transition from litter to home life, and begins their specialized training for this live-saving role.  

Providing trained puppies for families who want to avoid the early stages of puppy rearing or need a trained Therapy, Service or Diabetic Alert Dog, is our specialty.  Our service dogs restore quality of life by providing unparalleled companionship, independence and lifesaving abilities.  We have 30+ years of happy families who's lives have been changed for the better with the addition of their Habibi Bear dog.  

Habibi Bears’ naturally loving personalities are perfect for just about any job involving human interaction.  A dog whose soul/sole purpose is to be your companion and support dog, that's the Habibi Bear Magic.

Healthy,  Thriving  Dogs

Naturally Reared Habibi Bears are High Vibe!

We practice Natural Rearing & Breeding which means: no vaccinations, no flea, tick or heartworm chemicals, no lawn and yard chemicals, only natural cleaners in our home, and above all feeding a species appropriate diet. After years of hearing from our families about reactions from over-vaccinating, and health issues from the chemicals and pesticides given for flea and tick control in conventional veterinary care, we knew we needed to do better for our dogs. Sadly, every year perfectly healthy dogs have been vaccine-damaged, some leading to death, after receiving the multi-dose cocktails administered by their veterinarians. This doesn't have to happen, and there is a wonderful alternative! 

Habibi  Bear  Dogs


5-12 lbs • 7-11 inches


12-20 lbs • 11-15 inches


18-45 lbs • 14-24 inches

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