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emotional support puppies in the PNW Habibi Bears

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Our Mission: To Raise Perfect Family (Teddy Bear) Dogs!
Embark on a journey of love and companionship with the Pacific Northwest's premier holistic breeder of companion-cross dogs that make fantastic emotional support and therapy pets. At Habibi Bears, we specialize in raising the perfect family support dogs, each raised with care, compassion, and the ideal blend of breeds to enrich your family's life.
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About Us

What's a Habibi Bear?

Because every family is different, our Dogs come in three different sizes 

The Habibi Bear: The Perfect Companion Dog for Today's Families
For over 35 years, we've meticulously bred our Habibi Bears with a vision to create the perfect family companion - intelligent, empathic, easy-keepers, and heart melters. That's the Habibi Bear magic! Through strategic outcrossing, we develop these unique dogs by considering any breed that meets our genetic diversity and temperament standards. Freed from breed restrictions and closed stud books, we nurture dogs with ideal qualities to thrive as beloved family members. Our exceptional Habibi Bears combine beloved companion breeds using modern science and DNA choices, restoring genetic diversity lost to centuries of inbreeding. The result? Sweet, easy-going companions that provide a lifetime of love.
Our Mission: A fantastic family dog - Now that's a Habibi bear!

teacup therapy puppies Habibi Bears Teddy Bears


3-7  (Micro) & 7-12 lbs • 7-11 inches
Teacups are not just small, they're mighty -think big dog in a small package!  They're the perfect companions for families who travel and want their pup to fly in-cabin, bringing a big personality and endless love in a tiny frame.  

They stand below the knee.

miniature therapy puppies Habibi Bears Teddy Bears


12-20 lbs • 11-15 inches
Think Mini Schnauzer/Mini-Poodle size. The Miniature  Habibi Bears are a little taller and stouter than the teacups, but most can still easily fly in-cabin. They are the perfect size for younger children too.

They stand below the knee.

medium Moyen  therapy puppies Habibi Bears Teddy Bears


18-30 lbs • 14-24 inches
Moyens are a great fit for families needing a dog for Autism or Anxiety support to apply pressure, for outdoor lifestyles, or those wanting a bigger dog.  They cannot fly in-cabin without service dog certification.
They stand between the knee & hip. 


dogs Designed for Urban Living

Unlike breeds created centuries ago for a world that no longer exists, Habibi Bears are crafted as the perfect companion for today's fast-paced lives.
Through meticulous breeding, we've cultivated:

A highly empathic, human-focused temperament
A biddable nature
Intelligent & trainable
An allergy-friendly, non-shedding coat
Three sizes to meet each family's unique needs
As the dedicated stewards of the Habibi Bear,  our unwavering mission is to safeguard our breed's gentle temperament, health, and genetic diversity. Our unique dogs are not available from other breeders or brokers, ensuring the highest level of care in how they are intentionally raised and nurtured.  We achieve this through meticulous record-keeping, comprehensive genetic testing, and outcrossing, all aimed at improving your companion's long-term health and vitality, giving you the utmost peace of mind.

Meet the Habibi Bear - designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, offering unconditional love and companionship.

The Habibi Bear Difference

Therapy Dogs, Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD)  Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs

At Habibi Bears, our mission is to foster a life filled with love, healing, and a special bond between people and their canine companions. Our carefully bred Habibi Bears are designed to be the perfect therapy dogs, psychiatric service dogs (PSD), and emotional support dogs.
Experience the transformational power of unconditional love with an ESA or Therapy Habibi Bear teddy bear puppy by your side. Our puppies undergo thoughtful health testing, ensuring diverse genetics and allergy-friendly coats for lifelong health and happiness.
We raise each pup with the utmost care, whether they are destined to be a family's loving companion, a Therapy Partner, or a Psychiatric Support Companion. Our focus is on Teacup & Mini Emotional Support, Psychiatric Service Dogs,  & Therapy Teddy Bear Puppies, purposefully bred to bring comfort and joy into your life.
Discover the Habibi Bear difference and awaken therapeutic healing and connection with a breed developed for today's world.



Purpose Bred & Raised 
with Love
Companion, ESA & 
Therapy Dogs

Raised On Habibi 
Method Curriculum

Habibi Bear families love their puppies . Emotional support puppies


Discover Our Non-Profit Foundation! Explore our mission and find out how you can contribute to our cause for positive change.

Habibi Bear puppies are perfect companions for children

Habibi Bear Puppies

Welcome a Habibi Bear Teddy Bear puppy into your home - a breed created for modern life, specializing in therapy, emotional support, and mindful companionship.

Habibi Bear puppies in training! ESA and Therapy hypoallergenic puppies

Puppy Charm School

Empower your Habibi Bear puppy with transitional education. Your new furry family member will arrive home with a head start on training, a user-friendly schedule, and access to our holistic training program for seamless home integration!  

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Finding the Perfect dog
 for Your Family

Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD), 
Therapy Dog, & family pet

Unsure what companion type is best for your family? That's where our temperament test comes into play! We can determine which puppies have the best potential for specific needs. Whether it's therapy, psychiatric service (PSD), or family pet, each role is as unique as the puppy. Our Perfect Match process will help you narrow down the choices.
Dedicated to fostering lasting connections, our mission revolves around creating lifelong bonds between you and your beloved Habibi Bear. Allow us to be your guide in discovering the perfect match for you!

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a Vision for Modern-Day Companionship

your trusted puppy matchmaker!

I'm here to ensure every Habibi Bear puppy finds their perfect home, guaranteeing the joy of canine companionship for each family. Let's discover your ideal furry friend together!

Hey folks! Let me tell you the story of the Habibi Bears. It all began with a teacher's vision to create the perfect breed for today's world. You see, most dog breeds were made for times gone by—farming, ranching, hunting and the like. But what about our current, everyday lives? That's where Habibi Bears come in!

Designed by a teacher for her students, these pups were bred to fit seamlessly into modern life. They're the result of a dream to offer dog lovers everywhere a healthier, more adaptable companion - especially for children with special needs. And boy, have they succeeded! Habibi Bears are now warming the hearts of families, bringing comfort and joy to therapy visits, nursing homes, and classrooms across the country.
Our aim is simple: to introduce you to a four-legged friend who's not just cute and cuddly but also robust and healthy. A pal for all seasons, Habibi Bears are here to stick by your side, sharing life's ups and downs. So if you're searching for a dog that's ready to become your best friend, a Habibi Bear might be the perfect match for you.

Puppy Charm School 

Giving your puppy a head start

Ease into puppy parenting with our Puppy Charm School program! After selecting your puppy, you can kickstart  your pup's education with crate training and scheduling and intro to the clicker.  We then hand over the reins to you, arming you with confidence gained from our exclusive course, Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy. Specifically crafted for our clients, this course imparts our proven Habibi Method techniques.  Questions or challenges? No worries! Our Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls and 24/7 text support line are here for all Charm School clients. Embark on this exciting journey with us!
At Habibi Bears we proudly raise our dogs with force-free positive holistic training

Explore Our Heartfelt Reviews

Meet our Habibi Bear Tribe

With over three decades of experience in nurturing these extraordinary puppies, we have an abundance of heartwarming stories to share. Few things are more gratifying than receiving letters and phone calls from our cherished Habibi Bear Family, expressing their deep love and affection for their furry companions. These families are at the core of our mission, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one for entrusting us with such a special chapter in their lives, uniting them with a new four-legged family member. There are few experiences in life that can compare to the joy we feel in knowing that our dogs are fulfilling their purpose, and that we have played a small part in creating a family's happy ending with their beloved dog. 

We invite you to explore a selection of these touching letters, some of which date back to the very beginning of our journey and the development of our unique breed. We continually add new entries and feature a special family each month. Your letters of appreciation inspire us to continue doing what we love most, so please keep them coming!

Healthy, Thriving Dogs

Naturally reared habibi bears are high vibe

We practice holistic rearing and breeding, which means: Dr. Schultz & Dr. Dodds modified vaccination schedules, organic and safe lawn and yard treatments, safe and natural cleaners in our home, preventative care with homeopathic & natural supplements, and above all feeding a healthy diet without fillers and by-products.

Grab our Guide for Parenting Kids & Dogs

Learn our favorite strategies for controlling the chaos that comes with kids and dogs, so everyone feels safe and behaves politely around each other.

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