You can have the dog of your dreams 

Empowering families - 30+ Years Raising Habibi Bears & Vibes 

Trained Service & Therapy Dogs for Children with Special Needs.... & Adults too! 


Imagine an endearing little dog that has magical powers!  Ok, maybe not the Hogwarts kind of magic, but a truly heart-warming, life-changing  kind of magic.  The kind of magic that will heal hearts, transform lives....all while being a healthy, genetically diverse breed with health tested lines, and allergy friendly to boot. Not to mention,  too cute to be real.  (I promise, they truly ARE real dogs!)  


Does this sound like the dog you have been dreaming of?  Developed with the aid of science,  utilizing modern genetic testing to carefully select our breeding lines that will produce offspring that are  healthy and made for service work. Raised on a puppy curriculum and enriching home environment, and finally trained by an expert Canine Behaviorist who empowers them through every milestone, imprinting them with loving positive experiences.   Our puppies are developed exclusively for families needing  Emotional Support, Service, Therapy dogs, as well as for teachers looking for a well tempered dog to work  in the classroom.  We have a 30+  year track record of  producing and training  healthy dogs who not only make the perfect family pet, but are incredible support dogs.  They thrive working their purpose!  Our families love their Habibi Bears and can't imagine their lives without them.  

In House Training! 

Our in-house training sets our puppies up for success in a career as a support animal, and assists our families in making the transition into their homes much easier. Many people never adopt a dog as they don't feel they have the experience to train their puppy.   As advocates for our dogs, we dedicate full-time training with our puppies at the level needed for each family.  “Lasting impact, rapid learning” happens from 8-12 weeks of age.  It is a vitally important that proper training techniques are used. We know our dogs best, and guide them lovingly through every fear imprint phase, empowering them and cheering them on.  For our families, they never need worry about finding the right trainer or doing this work themselves.  

Our Mission

We strive to heal hearts & touch lives through the magical connection that happens between our puppies and their human.  Our goal is to establish a close-knit tribe for our  beloved Habibi Families where we share  our mutual love for our Habibi Bears.  Providing mentoring and support to our families is our passion! 

We  do this through:

  • Empowering each puppy to reach their fullest potential - whether  therapy, service, ESA , facility support animal, or companion

  • Naturally rearing our puppies in a healthy, supportive environment that nurtures puppies who THRIVE

  • Validating our clients individual needs and intuitively guiding  them to the perfect puppy for them!

  • Raising our puppies on an advanced puppy curriculum, that establishes an innate bond of mutual respect and focus on humans.  (This is where the magic happens!)


We exclusively breed Habibi Bears.  Our puppies are raised in an enriching environment where they learn to bond with humans and trust that the world is a loving place.  Providing well bred puppies AND friendly guidance & support to our families has been paramount in our breeding program.  We don't want to simply sell you a puppy - we want to nurture a relationship with our families that lasts a lifetime. 

Making Dreams Come True Since 1989

A breed developed with your family in mind...

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From the Gram


Happy Tails


...They get so much love and they provide us with so much laughter, happiness, exercise and overall enjoyment! I must say, they have been everything you said they would be and more! I had hoped for sweet, patient, lovable and smart and they are over the top on everything! THANK YOU! ---- Lisa E, Ak



I LOVE the new website. People are constantly telling me "Zorba's not a dog, he's a little stuffed bear!" AND he certainly is, "MY Beloved Habibi!"​ ---- Jane L, Ca



How to Adopt


​​​​​​​​​​1) Read Through our site and familiarize yourself with our policies and adoption process

2) Submit an Adoption Questionnaire

3) Once Approved, submit the non-refundable reservation fee

4) We will send out  a welcome email, and at this time you may request to join the Habibi U area to begin preparing for your new puppy while waiting for your selection time

New litter arrivals are posted on the Nursery Page with the DOB and Delivery Day.  Selection Day is TBA (see below).   

The Selection Date is announced once  the assessment is complete.  At Habibi Bears, we are puppy-centric , meaning we allow the puppies to lead the way for this important event.  In allowing our puppies to demonstrate to us when they are developed and ready for their assessments, we are assured in gaining an accurate reading. 

 Once we are able to assess the pups, we will update the date (It's typically around 7 weeks old).    

When its your turn to select you will receive an email on Selection Day - Everyone has 24 hours to respond.


5) When puppies are ready for selection, they are listed on the Nursery (around 7 weeks)

We will go over each family's dynamics, lifestyle, and special needs, then recommend the puppy/puppies that are best suited for them.  

(Families needing therapy, service, ESA, Facility recommendations will be guided to the best choice from the litter.)

 Families will submit their top 3 choices 

At this time, priority is given to  the order we have received a reservation fee. So if two families request the same puppy, then it will go to the first family, and the second family will receive their next choice.  After the waiting list has made selections, we will then make the remaining puppies available to the  next in line on the waiting list. 

​6)  Once puppy has been chosen, final adoption & delivery fees are due

7) Delivery is scheduled on the date listed for each litter