A purpose bred dog
 for a purpose led life

 Our Habibi Bear dogs are shifting people's consciousness while bringing healing into their lives.  At Habibi Bears & Hannah's Heart Paws for Empowerment, we are on a mission to elevate humanity's view of the relationship between humans and dog, from ownership to companionship. 
 Create a deeper relationship with your dog to heal your heart, find inner peace and achieve lasting happiness.  Experience the Habibi Bear Magic!

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Hannah's Heart

"Paws for Empowerment!"
Our  non-profit cause!  Our precious Habibi Bears have been developed and raised for a very special purpose, to be a healing partner and support to individuals living with disabilities, experienced trauma, or in need of  facility therapy dog.  

Learn more about our cause and how you can make a difference too!

Habibi Bear Puppies

"Beloved Teddy Bear Puppies" 
Join our waiting list for future planned litters. Our puppies are truly a gift to the world, with their innate ability to connect to our hearts and souls.  A breed developed for today's world- especially for therapy, emotional support and  conscious companionship. At Habibi Bears we specialize in raising high vibe puppies!  Join the Movement!

Pup Start Training Program

"To help you live happier, healthier and more-balanced lives with your dog friends"
   Empowering families to connect at a heart level and learn how to speak dog.  Our Pup Start gives you a head-start so you can easily take the lead when puppy joins your family. Your puppy will come home to you with an easy to follow schedule and The Habibi Method Program!  

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The healing power of a Habibi Bear in your home

a breed developed with your family in mind

Imagine an endearing little dog that has magical powers! Ok, maybe not the Hogwarts kind of magic, but a truly heart-warming, life-changing  kind of magic. The kind of magic that will heal hearts, transform lives....all while being a healthy, genetically diverse breed with health tested lines, and allergy friendly to boot. Not to mention, too cute to be real.
Does this sound like the dog you have been dreaming of? Developed through the blending of science and spirituality to produce a unique dog for today's world. Using the latest advances in genetic testing to improve health and vitality, while cultivating a signature temperament we call  ' The Habibi Bear Magic' - characterized by an empathic desire for human connection and partnership.  Habibi Bear dogs are raised using The Habibi Method, which focuses on a dog's emotional health as well its physical wellbeing while guiding the human component  - you!  Together you will have a relationship based in trust and companionship.  Habibi Bear teddy bear puppies are developed exclusively for a special group of families who desire to live consciously with their companion animals and view them with respect and honor.  Our Habibi Bears are so much more than a pet, they are our family.  
We have selectively bred our dogs to be naturally inclined toward companionship, which makes them excellent emotional support animals. They are also suited for use as service, therapy and facility dogs in a wide variety of environments: hospitals, schools, medical and energy healing practices, and more!
Our Habibi Bears instinctively connect with people in a way that heals and comforts them, as a result of our specialized breeding program to develop these gifts. Our clients have told us that their Habibi Bear's extraordinary ability to detect illness in humans and other animals has helped people live longer and healthier lives.  The love our families share with their Habibi Bears is a bond they treasure.

Join our high-vibe community of Habibi Bear families , we call ourselves The Habibi Bear Tribe!

meet your puppy matchmaker

You really can have the dog of your dreams! At Habibi Bears, it's our goal to match each puppy to its perfect family.  

Our Habibi Bear dogs bring so much richness to their family's lives.  For those who are passionate about being in relationship with a dog companion (you know who you are!) we see our dogs as partners and companions.  Our clientele have a deep desire to connect at a heart level with their dog and see them as the beautiful soul they are, not a mere pet. Many of our clients are challenged by disabilities and desire to have a companion to support them. Unlike many service dogs that were purchased from a breeder or rescue and then trained, our breed was CREATED for this purpose by us. We took our clients needs into consideration as we developed this magical breed.  From health-tested parents to non-shedding coats, the Habibi Bear was created exclusively for our families and their unique requirements. 

With over 30 years of carefully combining  the best temperaments and qualities, every litter is  intentionally raised using our tried-and-true Habibi Method curriculum that is proven in laying the foundation for puppies to thrive as support animals. 

Providing intentionally raised puppies for families who want to share their lives with a healing companion.  Habibi Bears also thrive as therapy and Autism/Special Needs Support (Psychiatric Assistance). Our dogs restore quality of life by providing unparalleled companionship and partnership,  and they can for you too! We have 30+ years of happy families who's lives have been changed for the better with the addition of their Habibi Bear dog.  Habibi Bears’ naturally loving personalities are perfect for just about any job involving human interaction.  A dog whose soul/sole purpose is to be your companion and support dog, that's the Habibi Bear Magic.

Pup Start  Charm School 

The simple & heart-centered approach to shaping your dog's behavior through the art of bonding. 

Our program for raising puppies is based on love and trust rather than simple commands. We reap the most magical results! For those who are drawn to our philosophy, we see dogs as sacred partners and not pets—and so value their energy in our lives.
Instead of giving our dogs commands, we communicate and lead with love.  When we do so, it is completely rewarding—we get the opportunity to connect with our pups on a deeper level while exploring their beautiful nature through learning the language of dogs. 
 You don't have to be a professional to  learn to train your dog, and not only that, you can have the dog companion of your dreams by teaching them habits that puts calmness on auto pilot.  The Habibi Method is the result of 30+ years raising high-vibe purpose bred dogs.  We believe in the power of relationship-building rituals to establish a foundational bond between owner and puppy.  Our program is designed to be a co-creative process between us and our clients.  The journey begins with us, where we guide each puppy lovingly through each week of its life with our enrichment-focused curriculum.

What's Pup Start?
 Let us take the headache out of bringing home a new puppy by giving you a little head start to training!  Once puppies have been selected families can add Pup Start  to their puppy's educational path, where we will begin crate training and scheduling for our clients.  Then we hand-deliver our puppies with loving care, so you can take the reins by following along with our 200+ page Habibi Method Raising and Training Program. Have any questions or need troubleshooting along the way? No problem,  Our Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls and 24/7 dedicated text support line are resources available to all our Pup Start clients.  
We look forward to being part of this journey with you!

At Habibi Bears we proudly raise our dogs with force-free positive training
The Habibi Method | The Intuitive Approach to Raising High Vibe Puppies

Healthy,  Thriving  Dogs

Naturally Reared Habibi Bears 
are High Vibe!

We practice Natural Rearing & Breeding which means: minimal vaccinations and chemicals, no lawn and yard chemicals, only natural cleaners in our home, preventative care with homeopathic & natural supplements, and above all feeding a species appropriate diet. After years of hearing from our families about reactions from over-vaccinating, and health issues from the chemicals and pesticides given for flea and tick control in conventional veterinary care, we knew we needed to do better for our dogs. Sadly, every year perfectly healthy dogs have been vaccine-damaged, some leading to death, after receiving the multi-dose cocktails administered by their veterinarians. This doesn't have to happen, and there is a wonderful alternative! 

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