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Meet Your Dream Teddy Bear Puppy, the habibi bear

Discover the Magic of Habibi Bears, the Beloved Teddy Bear Puppies of the Pacific Northwest! 
Our health-tested line features genetically diverse, allergy-friendly coats, bred with intention to maintain hybrid vigor. At Habibi Bears, we're not your typical teddy bear puppy breeders. We are dedicated to promoting a life filled with love, healing, and companionship between humans and dogs. Join us in experiencing the transformational power of unconditional love that comes from having a Habibi Bear teddy bear dog by your side. Holistically raised and trained for Autism Support, Therapy, and Emotional Support Animals (ESA).
Now, that's a Habibi Bear!

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Habibi Bear Puppies

Welcome a Habibi Bear Teddy Bear puppy into your home - a breed created for modern life, specializing in therapy, emotional support, and mindful companionship.

Pup Start 
Charm School

Empower your Habibi Bear puppy with transitional education. Your new furry family member will arrive home with a head start on training, a user-friendly schedule, and access to our holistic training program for seamless home integration!  

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Experience Unforgettable Companionship
With Habibi Bear Teddy Bear Dogs

Discover the warmth and comfort of a dear friend every day with our Habibi Bear teddy bear dogs. They offer a lifetime of loving companionship and support, purpose-bred to be a cherished part of your family. Our program is family-operated, with a clear mission: to provide support dogs for children and families. These dogs bring boundless love, happiness, and healing to their humans. We prioritize their health and vitality by avoiding in-breeding, ensuring a strong lineage that embodies genetic diversity. Experience the profound impact of a Habibi Bear's healing powers and heart-opening companionship, deepening your connection and enhancing your well-being. With a commitment to lifelong learning, we stay at the forefront of training techniques, animal husbandry, and canine genetics. This ongoing education allows us to offer top-tier support to our clients. Join us for special events and Gotcha Days, where you can connect with other Habibi Bear owners, share heartwarming stories, and create lasting memories.

UNPARALLELED SUPPORT: Your Trusted Puppy Matchmaker

Our mission is simple yet profound: to pair each puppy with their perfect family, ensuring that every dog enthusiast can experience the pure joy of their ideal companion.
Our beloved Habibi Bears enrich the lives of their families, transcending the role of mere pets. For those who deeply cherish the bond with their four-legged friends, our dogs are embraced as cherished family members. Our clients seek a heartfelt connection with their dogs, recognizing them as beautiful souls that bring boundless love and unending joy.

The creation of our unique hybrid breed stemmed from fulfilling the demand expressed by my own students' families. We recognized the need to address the diminishing health issues associated with inbreeding in the pure breed I had been showcasing. As families encountered our dogs, the desire to welcome one of our puppies into their homes grew exponentially. While our original intentions didn't foresee serving as many families as we do today, we are touched and humbled to be part of their journey toward healing and independence. Today, our Habibi Bears can be found serving as supportive companions in therapy offices, medical facilities, schools, courtrooms, nursing homes, and even as an 'official' coach at a local gym in Seattle.

At Habibi Bears, our heart-centered mission revolves around providing loving and healthy companionship to individuals seeking solace and connection. To combat the health challenges posed by limited genetic diversity in purebred dogs, we embarked on a purposeful journey to create a genetically diverse hybrid breed that is also allergy-friendly. We firmly advocate for a shift in the perspective on breeding practices, moving away from inbreeding. Despite some dismissing hybrids as mutts, we proudly trace our lineage back over 34 years. We understand the immense value of maintaining hybrid vigor to restore health and vitality, achieved through our open stud books and careful outcrossing with unrelated, healthy dogs, effectively combating genetic diseases. Our commitment to our furry family members extends to employing scientific methods, collaborating with Paw Print Genetics and Embark, who assist us with genetic testing. Through cultivating naturally human-focused parents, we have built a lineage that radiates love and devotion, providing the perfect foundation for support animals. We go above and beyond by nurturing our puppies through a meticulously designed curriculum, tailored to their unique needs, ensuring exceptional temperament and overall well-being. At Habibi Bears, we are more than just providers of pets; we are committed to raising lifelong companions who will embark on a transformative journey toward inner peace and everlasting happiness.

With over 30 years of carefully combining the best temperaments and qualities, each litter is intentionally raised using our Habibi Method curriculum. This puppy-centric curriculum, created by a Montessori Teacher, honors each puppy's milestones and has proven to establish a solid foundation for our puppies, empowering them to thrive as support animals and bring boundless comfort to those in need.

Pup Start Charm School 

Giving your puppy a head start

 let us take the headache out of bringing home a new puppy by giving you a little head start to training!  Once puppies have been selected families can add Pup Start  to their puppy's educational path, where we will begin crate training and scheduling for our clients.  Then we hand-deliver our puppies with loving care, so you can take the reins by following along with our 200+ page Habibi Method Raising and Training Program. Have any questions or need troubleshooting along the way? No problem,  Our Puppy Parenting Coaching Calls and 24/7 dedicated text support line are resources available to all our Pup Start clients.  
We look forward to being part of this journey with you!

At Habibi Bears we proudly raise our dogs with force-free positive holistic training

Explore Our Heartfelt Reviews

With over three decades of experience in nurturing these extraordinary puppies, we have an abundance of heartwarming stories to share. Few things are more gratifying than receiving letters and phone calls from our cherished Habibi Bear Family, expressing their deep love and affection for their furry companions. These families are at the core of our mission, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each one for entrusting us with such a special chapter in their lives, uniting them with a new four-legged family member. There are few experiences in life that can compare to the joy we feel in knowing that our dogs are fulfilling their purpose, and that we have played a small part in creating a family's happy ending with their beloved dog. 

We invite you to explore a selection of these touching letters, some of which date back to the very beginning of our journey and the development of our unique breed. We continually add new entries and feature a special family each month. Your letters of appreciation inspire us to continue doing what we love most, so please keep them coming!

Healthy,  Thriving  Dogs

Naturally Reared Habibi Bears 
are High Vibe!

We practice natural rearing & breeding which means: Dr. Schultz & Dr. Dodds  modified vaccination schedules, organic and safe lawn and yard treatments, safe and natural cleaners in our home, preventative care with homeopathic & natural supplements, and above all feeding a healthy diet without fillers and by-products.

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18-45 lbs • 14-24 inches

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