Close your eyes
And come with me
To a place where you will seek
[comfort, strength, support]

Close your eyes
And walk with me
To a place where you will find
[love, grounding, your own voice]

Close your eyes
And come with me
To a place where you will be
[centered, brave, heard]

Serving The innocent

Hannah's Heart is a subsidiary of Habibi Bears.  Our little dogs have been developed and raised for a very special purpose, to provide loving support to individuals who have  experienced trauma, or in need of a courtroom facility therapy dog.  We've assisted children facing  trauma as a result of grief, PTSD, abuse, or illness.  At Hannah's Heart, we have developed a unique training program to prepare our dogs for the important job of providing courtroom assistance.  Our program is designed to fit each individual's personal needs- whether they are looking for their own service or therapy dog, or would like to work with one of our Volunteer teams.  Volunteers and their therapy animals help empower child victims by accompanying them into a courtroom, a deposition, or counseling.

Helping Children Take a Stand

Helping justice actually be served by giving children the courage to find their voice and share their stories to help make this world a safer place for themselves and others.   if your child is in need of one of our support dogs,  we are here to serve. 

Receive Support

Texting Support

Contact our hotline for parents needing support from other parents who've been through this experience.

Long-Term Support

Emotional support animal for not only now, but for a forever family pet to support your child long-term.

Courtroom  support

Request support to have one of our trained animals with your child as an emotional support animal when they testify.

The Truth Will Set You Free

No one wants to go through this or talk about it, but in the end Truth is a higher vibration than lies. Help us serve the cause of truth and justice for those who have been hurt. Truth takes the power out of the abuser’s hands and puts it back into your child and your family. 

Support the Cause

Therapy Dogs

Explore options to have a Habibi support animal as part of your practice so you can offer a higher level of support.


  Help give options to those who are already so financially burdened they may not be able to afford the support dog they need for their child.  
We donate trained dogs to families in need of support and your donations helps cover costs of training the dogs, travel, food, medical expenses. Our fund proceeds go 100% into direct service of those in need.


Want to become a courtroom “heart keeper”? Support the families and children with getting the support  they need in the most tense situations. (Guardian Home Program)

Fear Stops Here

You will get through this.  The pain isn't over yet, but the opportunity to end the fear is here right now.   You don't have to be alone when you tell your truth in court, with the assistance of one of our Courthouse Dogs by your side, you will never be alone.  You've been through experiences that are not your fault.  And we understand how overwhelming and frightening it is to have to go to court and tell  strangers about your traumatizing experience.  

You are not alone, you will be taking the stand with a loving companion by your side.  If you feel afraid or nervous, your companion is there to pet and touch, and they will support you through the whole ordeal, and your truth will be heard.  

And now the healing can begin...

This is what Hannah's Heart is all about.  The beautiful bond between a child and dog.  That magical connection that truly heals hearts and changes lives.  

Why  Habibi Bears?

Habibi Bears are unlike any other dog.  They were literally developed and raised for this specific purpose.  Their intuitive nature makes them the perfect dog for this important role.  

About  Hannah’s  Heart

Supporting children and their families is our passion.  As survivor's of our own family tragedy that ended up in the court system, we not only understand the need for this loving support that only an animal can provide, but we have been in your shoes.  After many years of healing, we felt it was time to assist other families as they navigate the court process.  

Based in Washington State,  Hannah's Heart is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization  that donates trained support dogs for families in need and provides volunteer teams to accompany your child in the courtroom.   The volunteers and their dogs help to empower child victims of abuse by escorting them into the courtroom where the Courtroom Facility Dog sits with the child while they testify. If the child feels afraid, they have their loving companion nearby to pet and lean on through this experience. Many children may otherwise be too afraid to speak in court, but with their support dog by their side, they have the courage to speak their truth. 

Our very special Courtroom Dogs  have been evaluated and they do not react to loud noises, sudden movement, or other distractions. Their focus is to be an energetic support and empowering friend to the child. 

Our teams are also available to sit in during depositions, therapy sessions, police interviews  or any situation where a child would need this loving support of the calming presence of our dogs.  Our handlers sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure all statements remain confidential.

The Hannah's Heart Courtroom Facility dogs are available for all children (adults too!) needing support.  

Creating a New “Happily Ever After”

We're taking a stand.  The world needs a safer place for victims and their loved ones.  By speaking their truth, children can begin the long healing process.  Our volunteers and our dogs are here to hold your hand through this entire process.  

Let's connect on Instagram @theofficialhabibibear