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Hannah's Heart
Paws for Empowerment

Your donations make a difference!

Providing support is what brings us joy!

Hannah's Heart Paws for Empowerment is doing incredible work in providing life-changing support dogs to children with Autism and special needs and their families. By symbolically adopting or sponsoring a dog, you can help support the training and placement of a support dog with a child in need. Your generous gift will go directly toward the costs of raising and training a dog, which can cost up to $50,000. Our families waiting for their support dog are selected by need and when we have reached their fundraising goal, we can match them to their puppy.

The impact of these support dogs is immeasurable. They provide physical safety and emotional support to children with autism, helping them to more fully participate in family and community activities. By tethering the child to the dog, families can engage in simple activities like going to the park or eating out, which might otherwise be challenging or impossible. The calming presence of the support dog can also help to minimize emotional outbursts, making it easier for the child to interact with others and develop social and language skills.

For children with special needs, having a support dog in the classroom can help them cope with stressful situations. Children with autism often benefit from the presence of a support dog, who provides an emotional anchor that helps children improve their social and language skills when interacting with others. The benefits of having a service or support dog are truly life-changing for families affected by autism, and your support can help make that possible.

At Hannah's Heart Paws for Empowerment, their mission is to empower individuals with special needs and their families by providing the support of one of our purpose raised dogs. By working together, we can make a difference in the lives of these children and help them to connect with the world around them. Your gift can truly make a difference, so please consider supporting this incredible cause today.

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