From Whelping to 
Gotcha Day 

The Habibi Method 
Foundations Weeks 0-8

Whether you're seeking a family pet, a therapy partner, or a service dog, we have the perfect puppy to meet your needs.  Our Habibi Bear dogs were created and lovingly developed for this sole purpose!  
Experience the Habibi Bear Magic.

Empowering Every Pup, Unleashing Their Full Potential

We're excited to introduce you to the heart of our Habibi Method program. Our approach to breeding goes beyond  industry norms, with a primary focus on honoring the unique qualities of each puppy and empowering them to become extraordinary companions.  Our intentionally curated breeding program seamlessly blends exceptional genetics with purposeful puppy care to bring forth truly exceptional companions.  Whether you're looking for a reliable family pet, a capable therapy partner, or a dedicated service dog, our purposeful breeding strategy ensures we provide the ideal puppy for your specific needs. Experience the reliability and quality of Habibi Bear's thoughtfully developed canine companions.

Whether you are looking for a family companion or therapy companion, 
we have you covered! 

Unveiling Our Unique 

Puppy Curriculum

Purpose-raised Puppies for Purpose-Led Families

At Habibi Bears, our commitment spans over three decades, dedicated to cultivating a special line of dogs renowned for their intuitive and nurturing temperament. Over the years, we've been touched by countless stories of how our little dogs are making a big impact in the lives of their families.

These remarkable dogs serve as healers, bringing joy and vitality back to their families' lives. From survivors of trauma to families with children with disabilities, and even professionals utilizing our dogs as facility therapy dogs—their impact knows no bounds.

Habibi Bears represent a breed created for today's world, addressing contemporary needs. Unlike most breeds developed in a bygone era, our focus is on being the solution for families in today's challenging landscape. In response to the prevalent issues of shedding, allergies, and health concerns from inbred purebreds, I embarked on the journey of creating hybrids in 1989. Little did I know, it marked the inception of a lifelong passion and mission.

As a teacher and a seeker of spiritual connection, the Habibi Method emerged—a result of my obsession with learning new methods to raise, assess, and breed dogs. It's a continuous journey of improvement, expansion, and enhancement.

Join me in the mission to bring peace and healing to humanity through the heart connection with a beloved Habibi Bear. 

This is the essence of the Habibi Method.

days 3-14: ENS & ESI 

Giving our puppies the best start

Welcome to Habibi Bears, where our commitment to purposeful puppy raising involves an advanced service dog curriculum. Our specialized program is designed to foster puppies with the goal of bringing healing and enrichment to lives.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS):
  • Developed by the US military as the "Bio Sensor Program," later known as the "Super Dog Program."
  • Conducted between days 3 and 16 of a puppy's life.
  • Involves five forms of stress-inducing stimulation believed to enhance natural abilities.
  •  Benefits include improved heart rate, stronger heartbeats, better stress tolerance, and increased disease resistance.

ENS Exercises:

1. Tactical stimulation of paw pads.
2. Holding the puppy's head up and down.
3. Placing the puppy on its back.
4. Putting the belly down on a cool towel.

Early Scent Introduction (ESI):
  • Conducted in conjunction with ENS training to amplify a puppy's ability to identify and react to specific scents.
  • A dog's brain processes scents in an area 40 times larger than a human's brain, emphasizing the significance of their sense of smell as a function of intellect.
  •  ESI involves introducing a new scent each day from Day 3 to Day 16 of a puppy's life.
  • Items used include grass, bark, dirt, pine cones, fruit, herbs, leather, wood, tennis balls, cats, birds, and essential oils—excluding treats or dog food items.

We believe in the simplicity and efficacy of these practices to enhance the abilities of our puppies for potential service or therapy roles. 

empowerment begins here

Teaching Puppies Safety & Trust in the World!

Our curriculum is a crucial ingredient in shaping our special puppies. Beyond their adorable appearance, these little ones are intelligent, sentient heart healers, and that's no accident. It's a deliberate and intentional process involving daily activities aimed at instilling the understanding that the world is safe, people are kind, and other dogs are friendly. While we could achieve equally cute puppies by taking shortcuts in our extensive work and dedication, the undeniable truth lies in the uniqueness of our pups. They simply wouldn't be the same.

Sending home these little ones, ready to embark on a new journey with their forever family, demands time, love, and a whole lot of good old-fashioned work. This endeavor is truly a labor of love, and we consider it an honor to invest the sleepless nights and early mornings, providing our Habibi Tribe with the puppies of their dreams. It's no surprise that our entire business has flourished solely through word of mouth—the greatest compliment we could ever receive. 
Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of raising your new family member.

Habibi method Curriculum 

Birth - day 14

  • At birth we are with mom and babies day and night, giving 24/7 support
  • Daily weight checks to ensure proper growth
  • ESI (early scent introduction)  Starting day 3
  • ENS  (early neurological stimulation) Starting day 3 

Week 2 Curriculum

  • Loud noise exposure

  • Potty Training intro to potty pads
  • Handling experienced based learning
  • Daily Weight Checks to ensure proper growth                                                        
  • ESI continued till day 16
  • ENS continued till day 16

Week 3 Curriculum

  • Variety of noise exposure
  • Handling Exercises 
  • Potty Training Introduction - advancing to next phase
  • Weekly weight checks to ensure proper growth
  • Nail clipping begins 

Week 4-8 Curriculum

The core curriculum is continued with:
  • Exposure to different voices, handling experiences and exercises
  • Tracking and recording puppy's reactions to stress experience and startle recovery during exposure activities
  • Exposure activities include supervised playtime with novel items introduced to the whelping box and play pens, such as stuffed animals, balls, bubble wrap, water bottles, wobble toys, etc.  Car rides, brain games, snuffle mats, puzzles, slides, kennel exposure, meeting different people of all ages, household sounds, TV and radio, field trips, beginning scheduling and training  and more!
  • We use this curriculum to ensure that every puppy is increasing nerve strength, high confidence levels and low fear levels. 
  • Each phase of our curriculum is a powerful piece that build on each other each week.  The activities are  meticulously nurtured through our specialized program. This unique approach ensures our puppies are not just companions but future heart healers. Our life's mission revolves around spreading the love and healing power of dogs to as many homes as possible. Having experienced firsthand the transformative impact of dogs in our lives, we are dedicated to sharing this profound connection with you. Whether you seek a remarkable family companion or your next therapy partner, trust us to expertly guide you through every step of this meaningful journey

Why Curriculum Matters

The implementation of The Habibi Method Curriculum plays a crucial role in shaping the adaptable traits of our puppies. This approach fosters the development of confident and resilient puppies that readily recover from startles. They exhibit compliance when touched and adeptly adapt to new sounds and sights, thanks to our early efforts in desensitizing them to potential stimuli that might otherwise cause fear later on. Empowering our puppies to build confidence and trust in humans is not only immensely rewarding but also a true honor.

Through Puppy Evaluations, we gain valuable insights into the areas where your puppy may still require assistance or exhibit sensitivity.

Gotcha Day & Beyond

Puppy Charm School & our Puppy Parenting Courses

At Habibi Bears we are about creating lasting relationships and that extends to our new families, too. As part of our Habibi Bear Tribe, you have lifetime support from us and many programs available to provide all the tools you need to be a confident new puppy parent!  

Puppy Charm School 

Let us get your puppy off to a good start with transitional training and scheduling! 
Our puppies enjoy the one on one time while having an extended stay with us to give them even more time with their canine friends.  Puppies learn so much about bite inhibition and behavior when they have time together with mom and our adult Habibis.  
Your puppy will get a head start on 

  • Scheduling
  • Crate Training
  • Obedience Training with the clicker 
  • Mastering the potty box on schedule
Puppies will come home with their routine and schedule for you to follow up with.  And access to text and zoom call support for follow up. 

The Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Course!

This course is the result of years of working with families and guiding them in parenting their new puppies.  Now you have all the tools you need to really take the reins and feel confident that you can truly guide your puppy!  
This program was created for our Habibi Tribe, answering all the big questions about topics such as:
  • Puppy Management- how to set up your space
  • Puppy Scheduling and our Schedule of Success
  • How to manage Puppy Biting 
  • Potty Training the Habibi Way- our process is a gentle and kind method that honors little puppies and never pushes the, deprives them of water or makes them cry it out.  Learn about puppy development and how we honor the mind/body connection with our puppy led process! 
  • Confinement Training- no more stressing out about how to do it, how to get puppy to stop crying or how to get them to love their crate and pen!  We created step by step flowcharts to make it as smooth as silk! 
  • Beginning Obedience Training - Learn our holistic approach to guiding our puppies. They adore their puppy class, and we will teach you our ways! Discover our puppy routine, and experience the joy of having a puppy sit at attention every time they see you because it's just so much fun!
  • And more!  
  • Text and zoom call support for follow up!
  •  Complete with flowcharts to walk you step-by-step through each phase in the program. 

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