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Habibi University Foundations

Puppy Prep Course

Our Foundation Program for our Habibi Bear Tribe

Created to help you in preparing for your new puppy to arrive - We've created this course to guide you step by step through all questions you have about bringing home your new family member. 

This course is free with a reservation fee.

Habibi University: Foundations

This course will help take the stress out of planning, and give you the tools to feel confident as a new puppy parent! 

This Course Includes:

  • Preparing for your puppy
  • Family Meeting
  • Doggy Body Language : How to learn to speak dog!
  • Choosing your veterinarian
  • Medical protocols & Natural Rearing
  • The Communication Trinity
  • Structuring your day
  • Shopping lists
  • Sneak Peek of our Power of Three Rituals in our Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy Course.
  • and more.......

the puppy parenting coach and workshop creator

Julie, the puppy parenting coach behind this workshop, is excited to share this game-changing approach to dog training with dog moms and dads everywhere. She has tested it with her own dogs and clients' dogs, and the results have been incredible. So why not join her and see for yourself whether this approach could work for you and your furry friend? 

Reserve your spot today and let's make the magic happen!

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