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Colors of the Rainbow

The Habibi is an amazing hybrid, not only is it the perfect family companion, but they have some amazing colors and patterns. We have developed new colors to add genetic diversity to our line, and of course, more beautiful dogs. Habibi Bears come in over 25 different color/pattern combinations. This page will help explain the colors and patterns.

Teddy Bear Colors of the Habibi

When looking at our extensive galleries of photos, it can easily be confusing for a family to understand what color their puppy or dog are.  Toss in the fact that our Habibi bear breed carries a morphing gene that can either fade or darken as the dog matures, and that adds even more confusion to the coloration of the dogs.

Let's break our teddy bear colors and coats down into two categories:  First, there is the color, and then there is a pattern.  Below, we will display pictures of different patterns and colors to help visualize everything.

Merle | Patterns | Colors | Coat Types


The Merle Coloration

This is the merle gene. This is a fun pattern that appears spotted in varying degrees. The merle gene dilutes random sections of the coat to a lighter color, leaving patches of the original color remaining. The patches can be any size and can be located anywhere, unlike the patches on a piebald dog (which are generally confined to the body and head). The edges of the patches can appear jagged and undefined. Only 25% of the puppies in a merle-bred litter will have this marking. The gene can be combined with other patterns, such as; parti-color, bi-color, phantom, Irish Piebald, or solid. In order for this gene to appear in a litter, one parent must be a merle. It is one of our favorite patterns but more rare.

Patterns - The Best Teddy Bear Colors

Parti-Color, Bi-Color, Phantom, Ticking, Panda, Irish Piebald, Tuxedo, Sable. These are names of different color patterns that can be in any color.  Another gene that must be carried by a parent in order to produce this pattern in a litter.

Colors - our colorful habibi bears

Black, White, Red, Blue, Apricot, Champagne, Chocolate, Isabella. Our line produces so many colors and variations! Between the patterns, colors and the morphing gene that can change over time – the combinations are limitless! Here is a small sampling of some of the teddy bear colors we have produced over the years.

Coat Types

Fleece – the long fluffy coat, is the most common in the Habibi, and occasionally we see the rare Plush (short hair) Coat. This goes back to the genetics of these colorful dog breeds, and is not seen too often. The Plush coat is similar to the coat type of the Australian Shepherd, with the shorter hair on the face, feet and under the tail, which makes for a very low maintenance dog, not requiring the trimming like the other coat type.

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