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We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed, and the families that love them.  At Habibi Bears, our puppies are bred from health tested lines! Our dog are screened for over 250 diseases and traits.

Extensive Health Testing





Home Raised by dog behaviorist

LIfetime Guarantee!


"Money can't buy happiness, except little puppies!" 


The Habibi Bear is a beautiful dog that is non-shedding, allergy-friendly and comes in a kaleidoscope of colors; available in three sizes.  For  30+ years our beautiful lines have been painstakingly developed with a small handful of litters each year to closely monitor and record what we have produced. This unique breeding of exceptional quality dogs has been shared only amongst close friends and family members, and available to select homes.  You will not find our exclusive line of  Habibi Bears in local newspapers or sold to brokers or outsiders wishing to breed them. Habibi Bears are carefully designed to remain a viable and healthy breed for years to come.  We remain dedicated to continuing the line and maintaining it as it has been for over a quarter of a century.

Our Breeding Program

The Habibi Teddy Bear Breed is unlike other dogs with very unique characteristics exclusive to the breed.   The Habibi is not available anywhere else, and nobody has our special formula that was 30+ years in the making!  Our breed was developed  with the soul/sole purpose of fulfilling their job as a therapy, facility, service, and emotional support dog.  Our breeding program has a specific system we have developed over a quarter of a century to help our puppies be the best companion for our special needs clients.   With that, our focus is quite different,  as we are a private breeder that is fully referral-based and rarely allow our dogs to be placed with the general public.  We work closely with our families in placing the correct puppy with the right environment, so it can reach its full potential as a therapy or emotional support dog.  We provide ongoing education and  support to keep in touch with our families while providing breed appropriate lessons and advice that have been developed with our little dogs in mind. We have spared no cost when it comes to the care and raising of our adults ....and puppies alike.  

What does health testing mean and why is this important to you in selecting a puppy?  
We have been involved in dog fancy for the major part of our lives.  We have a background in showing and raising champion AKC dogs.  In the past, our dogs have been invited to Eukanuba and we had the top 5 dog in the nation in our breed.  This background was an excellent training ground that sparked the desire to develop a new breed. We understand the importance of complementary breeding pairs and the difference between a pet quality dog and breeding quality dog.  

As a responsible breeder working toward clear healthy lines, we health test our parent dogs.  Our goal is to decrease (hopefully one day eliminate) health disorders through responsible breeding.  We test for traits that effect our breed, and use selective pairing to eliminate traits over time.  Years ago we utilized CERF eye exams, which required yearly testing that can only test the phenotypic nature of the eye.  Without genotypic clearance, a breeding dog may pass CERF exams one year, but end up showing characteristics of an ocular disorder in a future exam.  For that reason we clear all of our dogs by DNA through PawPrint/Canine Health Check for eye disease as well as over 250 other diseases and heritable traits.  This testing is safe for the dog and poses no risk associated with anesthesia or accidental injury compared to the previous forms of testing.   As science progresses, testing is more thorough with DNA testing, which is the use of research-grade DNA genotyping developed by industry-leading scientists at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. 

The ups and downs in finding your breeding pairs
Take into consideration the amount of time and expense it requires to health screen and clear every dog.  Some tests cannot be confirmed and finalized until the dog reaches 2 years old.  By this age we are bonded and have spared no expense in raising them, dreaming of the beautiful additions they will bring to our line!   After all this time to discover our beloved BEAUTIFUL dog is not-so-perfect, genetically speaking.  This is a huge financial and emotional loss for us that can set our breeding program back two years, if not bring it to a screeching halt.  
Cute is only one piece of the very large puzzle when selecting appropriate breeding stock. There are many cute dogs in this world with serious genetic abnormalities that will rear their ugly heads in later years.  Perhaps the cute dog is a carrier of a genetic disorder and passes it on to every litter.   We spend a small fortune selecting dogs from healthy lines, pre-screening every new dog in our breeding program. They must pass all tests in order to be considered a potential parent.  When a first time mother is bred, if she is not a good mother, or her puppies are not what we hoped for, then she is spayed and will be a beloved pet.  In the end, this experience can set us back thousands of dollars as well as bring us back to square one in finding a suitable female (Dam).  This is one of many factors why we work together as a team, and also have a few select Guardian Homes for our breeding adults.  We are able to work on two areas once; raising puppies to further develop the line, while keeping our younger hopefuls in the sidelines as they mature to adulthood and receive their health clearances.

Puppy Guarantee Available to You

Our Contract protects us and our puppies, and our Puppy Guarantee protects your puppy and you.  It is available to download for future reference for all of us.
All our puppies are always placed on a spay/neuter contract. In addition, we will ask that the puppy or dog be returned to us if you find you are no longer able to care for it or cannot find a suitable home, and agree to never take one of our puppies to a shelter.  If we ever suspect abuse or neglect of one of our puppies, we reserve the right to repossess the puppy and re-home it in a suitable home.  As advocates for our Habibi Bears, we are committed to ensuring all puppies produced by our breeding program are cared for and loved for the entirety of their lives.


Our Terms

We take our commitment to each and every family very seriously.  A deposit instates a contract between Habibi Bears and YOU.  Once received, you are considered under contract with us, and all responsibilities involved apply to both parties.

When you place your reservation fee to join the waiting list, we provide full service to all families, including; 

  • A perk to joining the waiting list, you will lock in current pricing-good for one year!  After your one year anniversary date, you will pay current pricing.  
    • Like everyone since Covid, we've been affected by the increasing supply-chain issues and inflation.  Pricing can fluctuate based on current market factors.  
  • A naturally-reared puppy raised with our advanced puppy curriculum
  • Puppies bred from healthy adults--Our adults are tested via Paw Print Genetics/Canine Health Check & screened for 250 diseases  
  • Providing responses to all email inquiries, phone calls available by appointment!
  • Exclusive access to Habibi U area- Training, Handouts and Webinars - Required participation before puppy goes home
  • Phone consults and text support line!
  • Lifetime support and advice on the care and upbringing of your puppy
  • Continued education for our families about all things canine!  (Veterinary Care, Medications, Grooming, Products, Feeding , etc)
  • Ongoing veterinary and grooming support
  • Family discounts for all returning families
  • Training available, too!

When you have been approved for our waiting list, we are committed to hold our end of the contract by providing you with excellent customer service and a place on our waiting list for a puppy.  In return, we hold you to your side of the contract.  Our placing you on the Waiting List and you placing your reservation fee for one of our future puppies is part of this contract. Please do not place a reservation fee unless you are sure we are the right breeder for you and can afford the puppy and care.  If you cancel the reservation later, for whatever reason, the non-refundable fee placed will not be refunded.  You can hold us to our word concerning all of our guarantees and promises - We kindly ask the same from you.
Your fee can be transferred to a later litter upon request.  

Due to the increased dangers associated with vaccination related illnesses, vaccine damage and over-vaccination, we ask that all families pre-screen prospective Vets and locate one that will follow our recommendation of following the Dr. Shultz vaccination protocols, and not administering Lepto.  Don't ever let anyone scare you into aggressively vaccinating or medicating if it isn't necessary.  Be an informed advocate for your pet. We encourage our families to partner with their veterinarian to learn how to detect signs of infection, and how to prevent contracting Lepto if it is a concern, as this vaccine has and continues to cause reactions in EVERY breed.  Please do not apply for a Habibi if you are not able to fully understand this very important decision. Due to continued issues of families not following our protocols leading to another recent death, we will deny an application if a family doesn't agree to our requirements.  In addition, we reserve the right to revoke an approved application if the Lepto and vaccine debate becomes an issue. After losing another puppy in Dec 2020, and an adult to a lifetime of over-vaccinating and flea and tick medication poisoning, I am dedicated to preserving the lives our our puppies from vaccinosis and establishing this requirement.  Please see our Natural Rearing page for more details. 



We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed, and the families that love them.   We love our close knit Habibi Tribe, and provide lots of special training and help along the way.   This breed will capture your heart, and we want to keep in touch and hear how our little ones are doing!  We are not a breeder that gives you a puppy and you never hear from us again.  We are always available for every family for the lifetime of their dog, so it’s important that we have an open line of communication.

Our Breeding Program and Recommendations for the dogs we produce

We carefully screen our dogs and their lines for known genetic or health issues and diseases.  We  are advocates for  Holistic Veterinary Care and a holistic diet,  both have proven over the years to be extremely beneficial for our dogs.  We give detailed instructions about our recommendations to all of our families, but only some have chosen to go the extra mile and do as we suggest.  This group has reported over the years how symptom free, healthy and long living their dogs have been, in contrast with varied reports from  other families that have chosen to  take their chances with other methods. We are seeing an alarming increase of vaccine related illnesses, food allergies and overweight dogs resulting from poor quality food sources and administration of vaccinations that are known to cause illness and reactions to our breed.   Indeed, as the breeder of these puppies, we are not pleased to read the emails about our pups becoming ill from deadly cocktails of unnecessary vaccines, medications and flea treatments--administered IN ONE VISIT by the family Vet!  Knowing that most of these families are simply trusting the judgment of their veterinarian, we feel it is even more important to emphasize the importance of advocating for your pet, and we believe in full disclosure on this topic.  Without all the information, it is difficult to make educated choices.

We have pre-screened our adult dogs, and use the testing results as a guide in our breeding program.  Tests are a valuable tool to help us use/choose the healthiest dogs possible.  Knowledge of the background of the breeding dogs is equally important. That being said, if at any time during your guarantee, your puppy suffers from a serious, hereditary or congenital defect that is life threatening or will seriously impair the pup/dogs quality of life, we will stand behind our breeding and offer you replacement puppy of equal value, while NOT requiring you to return the older dog, as we realize bonding has already taken place.


Your Habibi puppy comes with the following:

  • Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee:  for puppies who remain on recommended (or approved) food, proper exercise, and vaccination protocols (must be approved by us)-without having to return your dog!
  • Air & Ground Delivery options!
  • Second puppy discount of $200
  • Referral Bonus - Receive a thank you gift for every referral who adopts from us 
  • Puppies are bred from healthy, excellent temperament, and genetic-tested adults
  • A healthy naturally-reared puppy, with natural immune support, appropriate  de-worming  schedule and Dr. Schultz vaccination Protocols 
    • we recommend the Dr. Schultz protocols of vaccinating once only, at  16 weeks of age, and Titer Test at two weeks (Read about Natural Rearing)
    • It is essential that only one vaccine is given at a time, not 5 or 7 as is commonly done.  The more vaccines given at once, the greater the risk of vaccine associated damage: including catching the very disease that you are trying to vaccinate against.
  • Well puppy exam with clear fecal 
  • State Issued Health Certificate by our Veterinarian before travel (if required for flying)
  • A home-raised Habibi puppy using our  advanced puppy curriculum and  Habibi Method ™ Puppy Socialization program
  • Habibi University - Training area for all families to prepare for their puppy
  • The Habibi Method™ Handbook 
  • Go Home Day Offer from Trupanion Pet Insurance (use code # BR1HB32515)
    • Valid within 24 hours of your puppy going home. (Call or activate online with exclusive Habibi Bears Go Home Day Offer Code: BR1HB32515)
    • No obligation, instant coverage for 30 days. Billing information requested if/when set up to continue.  
    • Breeder is not compensated for this offer. Please inquire with Trupanion for details, terms, conditions.

This Guarantee is for our families that have chosen to follow our vaccination protocols, keep their puppy on the recommended diet,  following our preventative instructions to keep their dog in great health, and a healthy weight.  We do follow up and monitor all puppies, in order for this guarantee to remain in effect.  Auto-ship of the food is required, and yearly health exams by a pre-screened veterinarian.

Please note, if at any time a puppy is given the Lepto vaccine, all guarantees are void.
We have seen this vaccine cause severe vaccinosis in our puppies and dogs in the past, and we do not recommend this vaccine under any circumstance.  It is an unstable vaccine, found to be only partially effective--not covering all strains of Lepto.  It is also a short lived vaccine and can cause severe reactions and lasting complications or death in puppies.  Not only in our breed but in most breeds.  Lepto vaccine is immuno-supressive to puppies less than 16 weeks of age.  Therefore, giving this vaccine to your dog will void our health guarantee.
Our Guarantee doesn't cover anything related, or possibly related to short or long-term complications due to vaccines or medications given or not given.  

DISCLAIMER:   Habibi Bears reserves the right to cancel or amend any promotional programs or special offers at any time.

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