Our Guarantee

Here at Habibi Bears, we're not just about puppies—we're about family. And our promise to you? A lifetime of support for every cuddly Habibi Bear and the wonderful families they join. We take pride in our health-conscious breeding program, meticulously screening for over 250 diseases and traits, because we believe every wagging tail deserves the best start in life.






Raised by 
a Teacher



"Money can't buy happiness, except little puppies!" 

Welcome to the Home of Habibi Bears
Meet the Habibi Bear, our gorgeous, non-shedding, allergy-friendly companion that dazzles in a variety of colors and comes in three perfect sizes. With over 30 years of love and dedication, we've carefully raised a select number of litters annually. This allows us to give each puppy the attention they deserve and maintain the highest standards of quality.Our Habibi Bears are not just pets; they're part of a legacy that we've only shared with our nearest and dearest. These special dogs are available exclusively to loving homes that we personally select. You won't find our Habibi Bears advertised in the paper or through third parties. We're committed to their well-being and ensuring they stay healthy and happy for a lifetime.We're proud to continue our tradition of excellence with the Habibi Bear breed, a tradition that's been going strong for over 25 years. Come join our family and see the difference that genuine care and passion can make.

Habibi Bear therapy dogs in wa state

Our Breeding Program

Hey there, fellow dog lover!  Let's take a moment to talk about something truly special: the Habibi Bear Teddy Bear Breed. These aren't your average pups; they're the culmination of over 30 years of love, care, and targeted breeding to create the ultimate therapy and emotional support dogs. And guess what? You won't find Habibi Bears just anywhere. They're born from a passion to help those with special needs and a breeding program that's all about quality, not quantity.
As breeders who work mostly through referrals, we're all about making perfect matches. It's not just about finding a home for our puppies; it's about finding the right home. Once you welcome a Habibi Bear into your family, we stick around for the long haul, offering support and guidance every step of the way.
Health is our top priority. We're proud of our AKC champion dog breeding heritage, and we bring all that expertise to the table to ensure each Habibi Bear is the picture of health. We're talking comprehensive DNA tests for over 250 diseases to make sure we're breeding the healthiest pups possible.
It's not an easy road, though. We put each dog through the wringer before they join our breeding program because we're committed to maintaining the breed's stellar reputation. Not every dog makes the cut, and that's okay. It's all part of our mission to raise puppies that are not just cute, but also strong, healthy, and happy.
At the core of it all is our unwavering commitment to our Habibi Bears. They're more than just pets; they're lifelong companions. And we're dedicated to ensuring they live their best lives, with all the love and care they deserve. After all, they're not just dogs; they're part of the family.

Our Promise to You and Your New Habibi Bear

Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we have a comprehensive contract and Puppy Guarantee available  to protect both our puppies and their new families. Every Habibi Bear puppy goes home with a spay/neuter agreement to ensure their well-being. If life ever takes an unexpected turn and you're unable to care for your Habibi Bear, we ask that you return them to us, rather than surrendering to a shelter. We're dedicated to the lifetime care of our puppies, and if we ever have concerns about their welfare, we'll step in to ensure they have a loving home. Our commitment is to the lifelong happiness and care of every Habibi Bear that leaves our home, because they're not just puppies, they're family.

joining Hands with Habibi Bears

Welcome to the Habibi Bears family! Your deposit kicks off our partnership, where we team up to make sure your experience is as smooth as can be. 
Think of your reservation as your ticket to our support team! We're all about being there for you, offering guidance, sharing knowledge, and celebrating every moment with your new Habibi Bear, including;

  • A perk to joining the waiting list, you will lock in current pricing-good for one year!  After your one year anniversary date, you will pay current pricing.  
    • Like everyone since Covid, we've been affected by the increasing supply-chain issues and inflation.  Pricing can fluctuate based on current market factors.  
  • A puppy raised with our Habibi Method Enrichment Curriculum 
  • Puppies bred from healthy adults--Our adults are tested via Embark Vet and Paw Print Genetics/Canine Health Check & screened for 250 diseases  
  • Providing responses to all email inquiries, phone calls available by appointment!
  • Exclusive access to Habibi U area- Training, Handouts and Webinars
  • Phone consults and text support line!
  • Lifetime support - we are part of your team in helping you find solutions to any questions that arise
  • Continued education for our families about all things canine!  
  • Ongoing veterinary and grooming support
  • Family discounts for all returning families
  • Additional training  and courses available, too!

So you're interested in a Habibi Bear and want to join the waiting list?

Awesome! We're all about giving you the best service and securing your spot for one of our adorable pups. Just a heads-up, when you place your reservation fee down, it's like a pinky promise – we're both in this together. We totally get that life happens, but if you need to back out, that fee isn't refundable, but we are happy to transfer you to a latter litter. We're keeping our word on all the promises we make, and we trust you to do the same.
Need a raincheck? No worries! Your fee can hop onto the next litter's list. We're here to make sure you get your perfect furry friend when you're ready. 


We have a lifetime commitment to all of the puppies we breed, and the families that love them.  We love our close knit Habibi Tribe, and provide lots of special training and help along the way.   This breed will capture your heart; we want to keep in touch and hear how our little ones are doing! Bringing a Habibi Bear into your family starts a lifelong friendship. We're always here to celebrate your journey and provide support, every step of the way.


Our Holistic Approach to Happy, Healthy Puppies

At Habibi Bears, we're not just breeders; we're your trusted partners in raising vibrant companions. Our comprehensive health screenings and unwavering commitment to holistic care lay the and healthy comgroundwork for a life of wellness for our dogs. We're deeply passionate about holistic veterinary care and diets, and we've witnessed their remarkable benefits—our puppies thrive on them! We share all our health and care insights with you, but it's the families who fully embrace our recommendations that come back with stories of their dogs' exceptional health and longevity. 
It's disheartening to hear about pups suffering due to excessive vaccines or poor-quality diets, and that's why we emphasize the power of informed choices and advocate for your pet's well-being. Our promise is simple: we guarantee the health of your Habibi Bear. If a serious health issue arises, we're here with a solution: offering a replacement puppy without ever asking you to part with your beloved furry family member. 

Your Habibi puppy comes with the following:

  • 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee - without having to return your dog!
  • Air & Ground Delivery options!
  • Second puppy discount of $200
  • Referral Bonus - Receive a thank you gift for every referral who adopts from us 
  • Puppies are bred from healthy, excellent temperament, and genetic-tested adults
  • A healthy puppy raised with natural immune support, age appropriate de-worming & vaccines
  • Well puppy exam with clear fecal 
  • State Issued Health Certificate by our Veterinarian before travel (if required for flying)
  • A  The Habibi Method™ raised puppy using our  advanced puppy curriculum and socialization program
  • Habibi University - Training area for all families to prepare for their puppy
  • The Habibi Method™ Handbook 
  • Go Home Day Offer from Trupanion Pet Insurance (use code # BR1HB32515)
    • Valid within 24 hours of your puppy going home. (Call or activate online with exclusive Habibi Bears Go Home Day Offer Code: BR1HB32515)
    • No obligation, instant coverage for 30 days. Billing information requested if/when set up to continue.  
    • Breeder is not compensated for this offer. Please inquire with Trupanion for details, terms, conditions.

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