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We are your puppy matchmakers™

Our Habibi Bear Teddy Bear Puppies are available to approved homes and make the pawfect family companion or service or therapy dog.  Our unique selection process will ensure you have the best match for unique needs!

planned Litters:

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New for 2023:  We are on a mission to connect hearts with the love and companionship of our dogs. Due to the overwhelming interest, our selections will happen privately in our Habibi Forum for our waiting list to select first. Puppies selected to continue training will be listed on the site.
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Upcoming Puppies:
 2 Litters have arrived!  Mini & Teacup
Selections TBA in June & July

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delivery dates:

Next Delivery Dates:
We provide delivery to select areas on delivery dates listed.  To be added to the list, select your nearest pick-up point and we will email the final details the week of delivery with the address to meet our delivery specialist!
❤ Watch for upcoming delivery & Gotcha Day dates and mark your calendars!
 Pick-up in Spokane on Gotcha Day is always FREE!

Current pricing: 

Puppies $3800+ Priced as Marked
 Pup Start Training $650 per week
(includes: crate training, scheduling, potty scheduling, intro to leash, socialization activities & our Pup Start Schedule and Program to follow along at home!)
Pup Start Space Availability:
Space available for Mallory's litter - accepting reservations now.

Available Habibi Bears

Next litter selection in june

 To be part of the next selection, you can start the process by submitting your Adoption Questionnaire and deposit
We require a non-refundable reservation fee to join the waiting list for adopting our Habibi Bears.  
 *Please Note: in the description below - SIZE is their current weight.  
Estimated Adult Weight is in the expanded description :)

Sorry, there are no available puppies matching your selection at this time.
To be part of the next selection, you can start the process by submitting a Reservation Deposit.

Add pup Start training

Let us get your puppy off to a great start with crate training, scheduling, proper socialization & field trips & intro to leash!

 Add Pup Start training to your package and give your puppy a head start before coming home. Following our Habibi Method program, which is a relationship-based philosophy, we will get puppy through the initial first weeks of transition so they come home on a schedule, accustomed to their crate.  
Pup Start is never about pushing or stressing-out your pup with rigid training schedules, and all about bonding and connecting energetically, Montessori style. Our program is designed to empower YOU as the new owner, while meeting the puppy's needs right where they are at.

What's Included? Pup Start program was designed to give you the best of both worlds-help with the initial scheduling and crate training process within the socialization window so you can imprint your Habibi Bear!
We will schedule and crate train your puppy, provide proper socialization within the fear phases with regularly planned outings,   and introduce your puppy to the leash. Complete with your investment is a copy of the Habibi Method training book,  follow up community zoom calls & text support line!

To Learn more about this gentle program, click below &
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Adoption Process


Read through our site to familiarize yourself with our operations and philosophy. Sign up for Selection Day Notifications to be notified when litters are posted.  


To join our Waiting list, submit an Adoption Questionnaire along with a reservation fee to be among the first to be able to select a pup for adoption.


You are required to submit your non-refundable reservation fee & sign the  agreement before you can adopt a dog and be considered on our paid waiting list. *If your application is denied, this is the only reason your reservation fee will be returned to you.


Receive our welcome email and begin the preparation process!

While waiting, families can set up their puppy area and read through our materials in Habibi University. Stay updated with litters and dates on Browse Puppies page.  Join the Habibi Bear Tribe member area.

Selection Day

We send out Puppy Alerts to our Paid Waiting list for an exclusive sneak peek before others - a perk for joining the waiting list!  The Waiting List families have 24 hrs. to submit Puppy Request & add-on packages. (Puppy Balance and add-ons must be paid in full at this time.)

It's a Match

24 hrs. after the Selection Day email is sent, we begin the matching process. Puppies are matched to their family in the order of deposit received and our staff will email confirmation and your delivery/flights/pick-up/add-ons will be added to our itinerary schedule!

Gotcha Day!

Yay, we made it! You are an official Habibi Bear parent! Delivery is scheduled on designated Gotcha Days; dates will be listed for each litter.

Learn about our Hannah's Heart Foundation
Did you know that our mission is to provide our beautiful puppies to a child with disabilities or in need of support while testifying in court?  
We are accepting Video Applications & Nominations for families who could benefit from the loving support our Habibi Bears Provide!  
A portion of all adoption fees are donated to our scholarship fund which provides tuition assistance and/or a sliding scale adoption  fees to assist families in need through the HANNAH'S HEART FOUNDATION.

Limited to availability and subject to approval. 

Your donations make a difference!  Donations help provide food, travel and training costs - or sponsor a fully trained dog to someone in need

Donate to Hannah's Heart  

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Our therapy dogs excel in:
If you’ve been looking for the perfect fluffy addition to your family and are in search of teddy bear puppies for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know that our breed was developed to provide lifesaving support for individuals and families that are challenged by disabilities? Habibi Bears have a magical intuitive quality that has been painstakingly cultivated for over a quarter of a century.


Emotional support for Anxiety
Doctor's Offices

At Habibi Bears, we are committed to supporting our families in their journey, and look forward to being part of your unique story. Whether you are seeking a supportive companion to complete your family or a therapy dog,  it's our passion to help you make your dreams come true.  We offer adoption counseling with lots of resource options so you can find that perfect fit, just for you!

Receive Your Puppy 

We offer several pickup/delivery options!

Our ground delivery is to pick-up points in each area, we do not offer delivery to individual homes due to time constraints.  

Add to Your Package

Customize your Take Home Kit with our options below:

We offer a variety of playful Add-On packages to meet the unique needs of your family and your new Habibi Bear. Upgrade today, and get even more pawsome perks!

Represent your Habibi Bear with our official Stoneware Mugs- handmade in the USA

Check out all our cute Habibi Brand Merchandise; from super soft t-shirts to mugs, and puppy bandanas to phone cases!

Book a keepsake photo session with our puptographer, Zach and capture the early days of your puppy's life in the PNW!

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