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Puppies From Year's Past

beloved Adopted Habibi Bear
teddy bear dogs


We love hearing all stories of how these puppies have brought healing and peace to their homes.  Enjoy our beautiful babies!

  • cute blue merle tuxedo Habibi Bear puppy
  • cute teacup therapy puppy blue merle habibi bear
  • micro teacup blue merle teddy bear puppy
  • therapy puppy Habibi Bear
  • mahogany tuxedo Habibi Bear puppy
  • sable parti color Habibi Bear puppy
  • blue eyed Habibi Bear puppy
  • blue eyed Habibi Bear puppy
  • cute moyen sized Habibi Bear puppies
  • cute chocolate tuxedo therapy teddy bear puppy habibi bear
  • black and white Habibi Bear puppy
  • red parti color Habibi Bear puppy
  • adorable apple jack the Habibi Bear puppy
  • therapy puppies Habibi Bear teddy bears
  • therapy puppies Habibi Bear
  • Habibi Bear puppy black and white
  • stunning Habibi Bear puppy
  • black tuxedo Habibi Bear therapy puppy in England
  • tri color teddy bear Habibi bear puppy
  • apricot Habibi Bear puppy in PDX

We Love Our Habibi Bears!

Now that you’ve seen our adopted Habibi Bear teddy bear dogs, be sure to check out our available puppies! If you’d like to read more about our unique breed, click here for more information. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out - we’d love to hear from you!

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