Therapy Dog Preparation Course

harness the healing power of your dog

Our online therapy dog preparation program will teach you how to train your canine companion into a skilled therapy animal.  This engaging and interactive course is tailored for dog owners who seek to harness the healing power of their dog to bring comfort, joy, and companionship to those in need.

By working together to provide companionship and unconditional love to those who need it, you can bring about transformative change in others.

Cost: $295

Therapy Dog Preparation Course

Become someone's dream team and make a lasting impact in your community.  

In This Course:

  • With the guidance of step-by-step lessons, you will learn how to train your dog so that he or she is friendly, patient and confident when visiting hospitals, classrooms, nursing homes, courtrooms and for medical practices.
  • At the end of our self-paced therapy dog training course, you and your dog will be ready to enter a certification program through which you can become certified as a therapy team.  

What does it take to become a therapy team?

At Habibi Bears, we've developed a breed with significant potential for therapy or service roles. Our thorough evaluation helps identify puppies with the best aptitude, yet it's crucial to note that it doesn't guarantee your puppy will fulfill these roles. While we provide a strong foundation through our advanced service puppy curriculum, success relies on your consistent training and bonding efforts once the puppy is home with you.

While many assume that dogs will naturally excel in therapy or service tasks, achieving these roles requires dedicated training, milestones, socialization, and proper puppy-raising techniques. We don't provide a guarantee that any puppy leaving our program without completed training and certification will qualify for therapy or service, as the process is precise, and a single event can impact a dog's suitability. Our puppies depart with the potential, but environmental factors outside our care are beyond our control. Fulfilling the requirements with their puppy becomes the full responsibility of the family.

Statistically, around 40% of well-qualified dogs end up not meeting program requirements and wash out. This doesn't label them as failures; their excellent temperament and breeding make them wonderful family companions.

Even with organizations such as CCI,  known for selective breeding and training, only about 35 to 40 percent of their dogs graduate to become full-fledged service dogs. Dogs may "wash out" for various reasons, including "typical dog behavior" such as being distracted by cats or birds, or exhibiting whining or barking in public.

We urge families to set realistic expectations and, if interested in therapy or service roles, collaborate with qualified training programs for guidance. Forming a therapy team or service dog partnership is a joint effort between human and dog. Those seeking a dog for this role should actively participate in the training process, recognizing their role as the other half of the therapy/service team holding the leash. Building a strong bond through humane training methods is crucial to avoid damaging trust with aversive techniques. Conversely, expecting a dog to perform these tasks independently is unrealistic—it's a teamwork approach. We can connect you with excellent trainers who offer virtual sessions worldwide, ensuring effective guidance for you and your dog. Remember, the trust and training relationship with your dog is earned, and it's one of life's invaluable experiences that cannot be bought.

the workshop creator

Julie, the puppy parenting coach behind this workshop, is excited to share this game-changing approach to dog training with dog moms and dads everywhere. She has tested it with her own dogs and clients' dogs, and the results have been incredible. So why not join her and see for yourself whether this approach could work for you and your furry friend? 

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