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 Our Unique
 Socialization Program

Built on Experience and Care

As a teacher with a background in working with children with special needs and disabilities, I am a firm believer in the benefits of proper socialization and age-appropriate education. When it comes to my puppies, I follow the same philosophies. This helps us in our pursuit of producing puppies with strong bonding instincts with humans.

Extensive Health Testing





From our home to yours

Raised by Dog Behaviorist


That   Habibi Bear Magic

At Habibi Bears, we're known for raising puppies the 'Habibi Way.' Our puppies are often called 'Crystal Babies' because they spread positivity wherever they go. We receive daily messages from families whose Habibi puppies have captured hearts on the streets.
We're proud of our advanced puppy curriculum and socialization program, which sets our dogs apart. As a teacher and energy healer, I'm guided to connect with our puppies and nurture their intuitive nature. Our process is ever-evolving, resulting in healthy, happy, and highly intuitive pups. They continually astound us with their ability to embody unconditional love and trust.


"Welcome to Your Exclusive Portal for Preparing for Your New Family Member at Habibi Bears.
For years, we've raised our litters with a proven philosophy that ensures the best start for both our puppies and their future families. Our unique two-part system involves dedicated efforts from us and you, guaranteeing success.
We instill strong bonding instincts and empower our puppies through a meticulous process. Then, when you bring your puppy home, we provide you with our hand-written instructions for follow-up, completing our program. The result? Your own well-mannered and socialized Habibi Bear puppy, ready to become an essential companion.
Our mission is to produce loving, intelligent puppies with a strong sense of bonding, ideal for being a service or emotional support companion for children with Special Needs. Our carefully planned litters and extensive interactions ensure our puppies are exceptionally social and thriving.
Choose excellence – don't settle for the ordinary when selecting your next puppy!"

Advanced  Puppy Curriculum

The Habibi Method: Nurturing High-Vibe Puppies with Intuitive, Loving Temperaments

our part

Every puppy is raised using the following socialization methods

0 - 2 Weeks Old

  • Early Neurological Stimulation using the Bio Sensor method (ENS) & Early Scent Introduction (ESI)
  • Introducing Nail Trimming
  • Daily 10 Point touch and handling exercise 

3 Weeks Old

  • Startle and Recovery
  • Daily Handling Exercises
  • Socialization With New People
  • Weaning
  • Puppy Recall
  • Time Alone
  • Body Handling and Grooming
  • The Habibi Method of potty Training---our unique whelping and play area, modeled after Wolves

4 Weeks Old

  • Exposure Activities
  • Continue protocols PLUS
  • Move to a Larger Pen
  • Introduce Other Pets
  • Introduce Challenges
  • Introduce marking wanted behaviors with "Yes"
  • Box Games
  • Start Manding
  • Novelty Items 

5 Weeks Old

  • All About Fear Periods

6 and 7 Weeks Old

  • Adult Recall
  • Puppy Party
  • Resource Guarding
  • Biting
  • Temperament Puppy Assessments around 7-9 weeks old
  • Transition to feeding on schedule and preparing to enter Habibi Pup Academy

8 - 12 Weeks Old (Release date is selected when the litter is fully ready, and will be listed on their Litter Page)

  • Puppies either go home to their family to begin leash bonding and scheduling, or they can stay with us for 2-4 weeks in our Pup Start program.
  • Focus is on developing bonds and learning to speak dog through relationship.  This is imperative for any success with obedience training later on
  • Introductory Crate Training begins  
  • Introductory leash work (the walk is the most important focus for your pup)
  • Introduction to a daily schedule 
  • Learning to be alone in their crate and pen

After years of working with puppies and studying canine behavior, we raise our puppies use a litter box method and that encourages pups to use a designated area for pottying, sleeping, eating and play.  This helps them learn there is a place for each activity and they learn to be clean.  They are also very easy to house train later on. 

In addition, pups receive scheduled daily playtime in our homes; kitchen and house exploration, as well as our own obstacle courses created just for them.  They are closely monitored for accidents and immediate corrections. We never give pups full access to the house without supervision (and we highly encourage families to follow the same process for success).  This reinforces our philosophy of keeping an immaculate area for the pups to learn and explore safely.   We are devoted to our puppies and feel this is the best way to produce quality puppies.  There is not one single household sound that these puppies have not experienced in their formative weeks.  They are handled by people of all ages, touched from nose to tail, and are very familiar with human touch.  All puppies have received our utmost attention to their development and growth, cleanliness and nutrition, schedules and potty training.  That is our promise!  Everyone reports back to us to say each person who encounters our puppies is absolutely amazed at how socialized and friendly they are.   That doesn't happen by chance.  That is the result of the dedication we show to our puppies and our families.

Your puppy will be desensitized to the following sounds:

  • sirens
  • children playing & screaming
  • veterinarian's office
  • traffic
  • groomer
  • normal home sounds
  • television
  • various other animal sounds
  • radio/music
  • gunshots
  • fireworks
  • large airport
  • thunderstorms
  • kennel sounds
  • machines & tools found in garage
  • train track sounds & whistle
  • infants crying
  • small airport
  • typical day camp noises
  • various other sounds pup will encounter in a lifetime

Sound socialization training  makes a positive impact on the quality of life for your new puppy. Your puppy will learn to accept and be perfectly at ease with sounds in general.  They will not be fearful, nervous, or uncomfortable by environmental sounds or stimuli once they are ready to go home with you!

Your Part

Your first steps while awaiting the arrival of your Habibi Bear:

  •  Decide your goals:  Do you want a well behaved family dog or do you need to start interviewing trainers in your area to train for service/therapy? Do you want to train at home with an online program?  We have some recommendations for you!  We have many resources to meet each family's individual needs. 
  • Do you want to book our Pup Start program to get puppy a head start to crate and scheduling?  2-4 week programs available so puppy can go hone within the socialization period and bond with you!
  • If bringing puppy home without Pup Start training, prepare to follow our Schedule for Success in the Habibi Method to help you learn how to bond with your puppy through daily purpose driven activities and our schedule.  We follow a balanced approach with a focus on relationship and leash training/ bonding first, before formal obedience work.   Our program will walk you through the process!

This is going to help set you up for success! Knowing your game plan ahead of time is what sets apart the successful families and those that have issues with the transition.  Puppies cry, bite, have accidents and many other things....but if you already know ahead of time to expect this and how to handle the issues as they arise, you will feel empowered and prepared!When you bring your puppy home, you will receive our New Puppy Care Packet, which contains your written instructions for success!  We have taken the time to detail everything you need to take over the reigns as your puppy's pack leader.  Now it is UP TO YOU to make it work.  We have detailed all the areas of raising a puppy to guarantee success.

Your Habibi Bear's Gotcha Day Pack  Includes:

  • New Puppy Care Packet including First Day Home
  • Litter and medical records
  • Personalized Baby Milestones 
  • Guarantee
  • How to Empower and not Enable your puppy
  • The Habibi Method Crate Training Schedule for Success!
  • Socialization Schedule
  • Canine Growth Chart
  • The Power of 3 prog
  • Grooming and Feeding instructions.......and more!

Take on the Role of the Trainer! 

Discover the joy of guiding your puppy, fostering a strong bond, and having fun in the proces

  1. Training is not just for puppy, it is for YOU!  With our foundational training we get your pup off to a great headstart on schedules and crate training and you can pick up and take the reins with our Power of 3 program!
  2. A way to bond as a family with your puppy
  3. Being involved in a puppy training class not only trains the puppy, but it helps the humans in the family learn together how to train their new puppy for success.
  4. Learn through experience, the right and wrong way to discipline your puppy, with a trainer to oversee your progress- We also have monthly Q&A's to answer all your training needs!
  5. Most importantly---we feel every family should experience how to train a pup the good old fashioned way---through work and daily practice.  There are some things in life that just cannot be bought for a price.  The experience and bonding you will receive from working together is priceless.
    Training is an on-going commitment.

Proven Success for Ideal Family, Support, Therapy, and Service Dogs.

Our Habibi Bears are nurtured through the advanced puppy curriculum known as the Habibi Method. This approach goes beyond obedience training, prioritizing the development of a strong, trusting bond between you and your new puppy. Experience the profound connection you've always dreamed of with your beloved dog that's a Habibi Bear!

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