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The humans Guide to the dog galaxy Course

The myth of obedience training 

In most traditional dog-training methods, commands and punishment are used before a bond between the owner and puppy is established. How can you expect to get your puppy to obey someone he doesn't trust?

Today's dog guardians want to share their lives with their dog, so they can enjoy the companionship and take their dog everywhere.  We want to treat our dogs with respect and dignity, so we are searching for better training methods that address the fact that a dog is a living creature who can think, feel and love.  We want to have a loving and mutually respectful relationship with our dog, not one based on obedience.

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The Human's Guide 
to the Dog Galaxy

Heart-Centered Dog Training: The Essentials

Discover a new way to guide your dog's behavior with kindness. Our course introduces a heart-centered training method that builds a bond of trust and respect between you and your furry friend. Say goodbye to fear and punishment, and hello to positive influence that lasts a lifetime.

In This Course:

This Course was developed for our clients and is complete with videos and handouts and scheduling, so all you need to do is follow along, and feel relief knowing you are giving your puppy exactly what it needs!  No more worry of mishandling things- all the tools are in YOUR hands and YOU have the power to create the most beautiful life with your new Habibi Bear!
  • You'll discover how to teach your dog habits that put calmness on autopilot, eliminating stress and conflict caused by jumping, barking, or leash-pulling. You'll also learn how to use your voice, touch, and body language intentionally to create calm interaction and elevate your emotional connection with your dog.
  • During the course, you'll also learn how to read your dog's body language and calming signals, allowing you to adjust your training approach accordingly. This groundbreaking approach to dog training is based on research into animal training that uses strategies from human psychology. It's so simple and easy that anyone can learn it in no time at all.
  • The best part is that this approach is fun and easy for both you and your dog. You'll be able to quickly, easily, and gently motivate your dog to tune in without the struggle and stress of traditional obedience training. This heart-centered approach will help you establish a lifelong bond with your dog, where all connection and training will grow from.

The Human's Guide to the Dog Galaxy

What's Included:

  • This intuitive method begins at the foundation with Management& bonding FIRST before teaching life skills (aka commands) unlike most training that has an emphasis on commands and obedience that only stresses out new puppy parents.
  • Puppy-led protocols - guided by pup's progress so you always have success!
  • Clicker Introductions with fun games!
  • Enrichment activities to keep puppy super engaged in their pen
  • Routines to allow pup ample time for rest and play 
  • Learn how to make the crate and pen their most desired locations!
  • Prevent separation anxiety from even taking root in your puppy with these tried and true protocols! 
  • flow charts to guide you through:
    • crate training sequential work
    • puppy biting protocols for each biting phase
    • house training guidance 
    • introducing puppy to its new home & a bonding practice  
  • A focus on transitions and how to ease transition-stress with compassion!

This program covers the four main areas of most asked questions of new puppy homes , which include:
  • Puppy Biting Phases & protocols to identify & manage them 
    • We share extensive research about why puppies bite, what YOU are doing to make it worse, instead of better-and break it down into flow charts for you to manage each phase.  No more lame vague advice, this is the ultimate puppy biting management protocol!
  • House Training success protocols
    • We created a super fun new routine for new puppies in homes, your kids will love it!  And it will train YOU on how to be consistent and establish routines
  • Compassionate Crate & Confinement Training 
    • This is a gentle sequential acclimation process that takes the stress out of transitions with our puppies and guides us so we feel confident, too.  This is not the typical trainer's advice of let them cry it out.  We help you guide puppy in a compassionate way that respects their feelings!  Their feelings matter! 
  • Establishing your relationship FIRST through the Power of Three Rituals
  • Manners Training Module 
    • Videos demonstrating how to train your puppy so you can easily follow along at home.

This program is $695 and is included for FREE with every puppy who stays for Puppy Charm School

value $995 $695 
 FREE with Puppy Charm School Packages!
Disclaimer: Puppies enrolled in a starter puppy program are in their early stages of life. Please note that they are not yet fully potty trained or classified as fully trained dogs. This program serves as a helpful head start, allowing you to assume the lead when your puppy becomes part of your home. However, it's important to understand that the ultimate success of your pup at home rests on your responsibility to maintain its schedule and routines with unwavering consistency. 

the puppy parenting coach and workshop creator

Julie, the puppy parenting coach behind this workshop, is excited to share this game-changing approach to dog training with dog moms and dads everywhere. She has tested it with her own dogs and clients' dogs, and the results have been incredible. So why not join her and see for yourself whether this approach could work for you and your furry friend? 

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