the Habibi Bear

Grooming is Essential

the importance of daily grooming as part 
of being a good guardian

Habibi Bears have a silky to cottony coat with varying degrees of wave (straight, wavy, curly). They have a unique look, that when left in full coat, is a windblown mop-top look, like an English Sheepdog. The allergy-friendly coat is hair, not fur, so it requires regular brushing, however if kept natural it can mat easier, so maintenance is imperative.

Most families prefer to keep the Habibi Bear in a shorter cut, but still want to keep that puppy look, called the Teddy Bear Cut.
For families that are wanting to have a wash and wear easy maintenance coat, we recommend choosing a puppy with the wavier to curly coat and keeping it in the Teddy Bear Cut.  For families that enjoy the look of the natural coat, the silkier coats tend to be the easiest to keep in full coat.  Below are examples of different coat types and corresponding haircuts.

Notice that the natural coat in all of our examples is fluffy and full.

The type of haircut can drastically change the appearance of your Habibi Bear.  The Teddy Bear look has everything to do with the haircut. Structurally, many breeds have a similar nose.  It oftentimes is the hair (or lack of) that makes them look squarer, rounder pointier, etc.  Many times, a puppy's nose will appear more pointy until the coat comes in fully.  So keep that in mind when you take your dog to the groomer.  Be sure to insist on a Teddy Bear trim, so your Habibi Bear doesn't come home looking like a a different breed.

Please interview your potential  groomer

The safety and well-being of our dogs is paramount to us.  We encourage you to exercise your due diligence in your search for a responsible and qualified groomer who will treat your Habibi Bear with the love and care they deserve, and you too!  Our personal groomer shared with us the alarming number of horror stories she has witnessed over the years in grooming shops.  You are paying for their service, so ensure you have a good feeling about anyone who is entrusted to care for your dog. 

 If for any reason you feel unsure about someone, trust your gut and don't leave your dog alone with them. Not everyone understands the inherent value of our canine companions or recognizes them as sentient beings, which can lead to mistreatment. Please remember that just one traumatic event can destroy your dog's ability to perform as a therapy or service animal, effectively robbing them of their unique gifts and potential.   We acknowledge that some groomers may harbor biases against mixed breeds and especially "Doodles," due to many owners' tendency to let their dogs' fur become matted.  (Please don't be one of those people, we want our Habibi families to leave a positive impression to our hardworking groomers). Matting can lead to painful injuries and discomfort for your companion, and you will be left with a dog needing to be shaved. 

Gentle Grooming - A Conversation With 
Linda Michaels M.A & Stephanie Zikmann

 Roman Gottfried is joined by Stephanie as she welcomes the amazing Creator of the Do No Harm Dog Training Community and Founder of the Hierarchy of Dogs Needs, Linda Michaels M.A.  Linda is also the author of the bestselling book, Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior

Grooming Lessons: learn to groom at Home

Your furry friend deserves nothing less than daily grooming and gentle brushing, utilizing quality tools:  grooming tools, dryerBunfly Pet Clippers/Vaccuum  to ensure their comfort and safety. For those who desire to truly cultivate a special bond with their Habibi Bear, we invite you to download our comprehensive grooming guide below, crafted with love and attention by us. By learning to groom your dog on your own, you can rest assured that your beloved companion will never have to experience any form of trauma or distress through the grooming process.  Check out Youtube for videos on how to trim every style imaginable.  

Find A Local Groomer

To search in your area for a force free/fear free groomer visit this site: Force Free/Fear Free Directory 
If you have had a positive/negative experience, please reach out for us to add names to our referral or complaint list.  
Thank you to all our Habibi Tribe for helping create a positive experience for our families and dogs!  

Recommended Gentle Groomers from clients by Area:

  Spokane, Wa

The Puppy Pad
Wandermere Location
12519 N Division St
Spokane, WA 99218

  Western, Wa

Barks N Bubbles Spa
NE 175th St 
Woodinville WA 98072
(425) 318-5346

  Western, Wa


Download our official Habibi Bear Grooming guide:

Habibi Bear Grooming Guide

Keeping a well-groomed dog is essential to maintaining their health. This FREE guide will instruct you on grooming as young as 8 weeks on into adulthood. Enter your email below to get your free guide.

This is the Habibi Bear in its natural coat

Below, left is an adult, and the right is a puppy, with its soft fluffy puppy coat 


Below are Habibi's with Various Teddy Bear Cuts


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