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Grooming Your Habibi

Habibi Bears have a silky to cottony coat with varying degrees of wave (straight, wavy, curly). They have a unique look, that when left in full coat, is a windblown mop-top look, like an English Sheepdog. The coat is pretty easy to maintain with regular brushing, however if kept natural it can mat easier, so maintenance is imperative.

Most families prefer to keep the Habibi Bear in a shorter cut, but still want to keep that puppy look. We call it the Teddy Bear Cut.
For families that are wanting to have a wash and wear easy maintenance coat, we recommend choosing a puppy with the wavier to curly coat and keeping it in the Teddy Bear Cut.  For families that enjoy the look of the natural coat, the silkier coats tend to be the easiest to keep in full coat.  Below are examples of different coat types and corresponding haircuts.

Notice that the natural coat in all of our examples is fluffy and full.

The type of haircut can drastically change the appearance of your Habibi Bear.  The Teddy Bear look has everything to do with the haircut. Structurally, many breeds have a similar nose.  It's the hair  (or lack of) that makes them look squarer, rounder pointier, etc.  Many times, a puppy's nose will appear more pointy until the coat comes in fully.  So keep that in mind when you take your dog to the groomer.  Be sure to insist on a Teddy Bear trim, so your Habibi Bear doesn't come home looking like a a different breed.

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Habibi Bear Grooming Guide

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This is the Habibi Bear in its natural coat


Below are Habibi's with Various Teddy Bear Cuts


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